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Alignment Jigs

for Number Plate Assembly

Alignment Jigs are used for number plate assembly, its where our self assembly media or part system components are combined together. We provide a few roller jig models to choose between with different quality of rollers, from static heights to fully adjustable. Each version comes with a set of cold press rollers and either lining up pins or a media guide to help hold media steady before its fed into the rollers.

Below is quick information on each of our jigs and rollers with links to purchase them online.

The video here, shows users how to combine individual components into a complete number plate.

First take the component with adhesive and place it face up on the jig, using the pins so it sits square. Pull back a few centimeters of the adhesives cover, then carefully line up and join the other media to it at that edge. Place the joined edge near the rollers and take hold of the adhesive cover. Slowly feed the pieces through rollers slowly pulling away the remaining adhesive cover as its goes through the rollers.

Economy Jig & Roller

Economy Jig & Roller - NC113


Our economy lining and laminating jig has guide pins along the side to help align number plate components. It also features a quality fixed roller that's capable of taking self assembly media 210 mm wide. Although this is the economy version, its the standard jig used in the number plate industry.


Premium Jig and Roller

Premium jig and roller - NC108


The premium jig and roller helps the experienced user to create number plates quickly and accurately time after time. It's high lining pins and a heavy duty, height adjustable roller make this an accurate means of manufacturing batches of number plates.


Guided Jig & Roller

Guided Jig & Roller - NC111


The Guided Jig & Roller has a solid construction and is perfect for novice users with its side guides helping to align media before it is fed into the rollers. This combination of features provide users with an accurate means of assembling number plates and sign media. This jig is capable of taking media components up to 240mm wide.

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Also Available

Number Plate Systems

Our number plate systems are designed to give suppliers everything needed to produce BS compliant number plates.

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LG Software

LG software offers an automatic and user friendly solution to number plate design and production.


Number Plate Media

Our plate media comes in all the shapes and all sizes needed to make plates for any vehicle.

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Make sure you assemble your plates like a Pro with one of our Roller Jigs. Grab yourself one and produce high quality plates time after time.

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