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Road Safety Lamps

from Nissen

Tennants can supply a variety of road safety lamps and lights including the ConiLamp, TaperLamp, MonoLight, MonoSignLight and Synchros Sequential Road Studs, all from Nissen.

This range of cone lights are robust, durable and use LED technology for longer life and are easy to deploy with innovative options like automatic switch-on. Features includes tool less operation and battery replacement with versions offering a daytime solar switch.


Placing Orders

Our traffic management team has used its expertise in selecting this range, believing this is the best range of road safety lamps on offer.

If you need more information or wish to place an order contact the highway equipment and signs direct on 0115 9738088

A Conilamp, just one of the Road Safety Lamps available from Tennants

Current Road Safety Lamps


Conilamp are single sided amber cone warning lights with an integrated mounting bracket featuring automatic switch on. Their robust design meets harsh environmental requirements and the lenses are impact resistant. These lights come with an integrated LED light and a built-in solar switch for energy saving during daylight. With tool-less operation and set-up, these lights provide up to 400hrs use on a single battery. Conilamps are BS EN 12352:2000 compliant and meet Chapter 8 requirements.


Taperlamps are robust sequential warning lights with a mounting bracket which automatically switches on when cone mounted. Each lamp comes with an integrated amber LED light and infrared transmitter. Once synchronised, indicated by a rear light, the warning light flashes periodically. Boasting tool-less operation and set-up, these lights provide up to 125hrs use on a standard 6v battery. Taperlamps are BS 3143 and EN 12352 compliant and meet Chapter 8 requirements.


Monolight are twin sided cone warning lamps with a bright amber light. Featuring large amber 180mm LED lights, they come fitted with a cone bracket for quick placement. A robust design helps meet harsh environmental requirements and the lenses are tough polycarbonate. These cone lights can provide up to 300hrs continuous use on a standard 6v battery. MonoLight lamps are BS 3143 and EN 12352 compliant.


Monosignlight are cone warning lamps with a bright white light used for illuminating works signs. Featuring a large 180mm LED light, they are supplied with a cone bracket for easy mounting. An on/off switch is integrated for daylight energy saving and the battery compartment is lockable. These spotlights can provide up to 120hrs use on a premium battery. Monosignlights are BS 3143 and EN 12352 compliant.


The Synchros is a premium quality hazard warning system comprises of 5 ultra-bright sequentially flashing LED studs. Each stud is manufactured to withstand being driven over by any vehicle. The kit contains 5 amber or blue studs with a 12/24v vehicle charger. Studs are activated and synchronised within the kit using a simple toggle switch. Fully charged use exceeds 12hrs flashing and 4hrs synchronised.

Lamp Batteries

These premium lamp batteries, from Nissen provide a longer charge than standard 6 volt batteries. Meaning longer time between replacement and longer operating times.

Highway Equipment Brochure

The traffic management and highway equipment brochure contains an ordering guide and lists our current highway product range

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