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Production Processes

for Traffic Signs

Here you will find the main production processes we use in the construction of our road traffic signs. The information and equipment below shows how Tennants UK makes top quality, reflective traffic and control signs. This page outlines the features and benefits of the three main systems we use - Printing, Cutting and Laminating.

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Tennants Production Processes


ORALITE® UV Traffic Sign Printer

All of Tennants printed traffic signs are made with the ORALITE® UV traffic sign printer using CE certified digital printing inks. This setup provides us with the ability to produce the very best quality prints possible.

Our traffic sign printer is based on the AGFA UV printer Anapurna M 2050 from Konica Minolta. It uses CE certified ORALITE® 5019 UV digital printing inks, which have been developed in cooperation with SunJet, a division of Sun Chemical, the world’s largest producer of printing inks and pigments.

We can print on all the ORALITE® retro-reflective films used for both temporary and permanent signs.
And all the films used for permanent signs are fully CE certified according to the Construction Projects Directive.

Oralite UV Traffic Sign Printer

Digital Printing System Features

A comprehensive, worldwide service system ensures the performance and efficiency of the ORALITE® UV digital printing system for the manufacture of traffic and control signs on the basis of ORALITE® retro-reflective films.

Digital Traffic Sign Printer


Zünd Cutting System

Tennants use the Zünd cutting system to cut many of its products including the majority of road signage, this helps to streamline the process and by cutting in-house it means your lead time estimates are more accurate.

Versatility and Longevity
No other cutting or routing machine is as flexible or adaptable as the Zünd with its modular tool concept. It cuts materials up to 50 mm/2” thickness. The selection of sizes, modules, tools, and material-handling options is extensive yet straightforward.

Swiss Workmanship. Quality and Reliability
Zünd cutting systems are specifically designed for 24/7 operation. They offer a unique combination of heavy-duty construction and superb accuracy. The standard 2-year manufacturer's warranty on the base machine is further evidence of their exceptional quality.

Ergonomic and User Friendly
Designed by award-winning industrial designer Richard Amiel, the Zünd cutting systems provide optimal workflow efficiency with such time saving features as uninhibited access from all sides, an ergonomically designed control panel, and 60 mm/2,36” clearance between beam and cutting surface.

Safe and Eco Friendly
Zünd has made a conscious effort to set new standards in safety and concern for the environment. All safety features are standard equipment. An integrated variable vacuum system keeps both cost and energy consumption to a minimum.

Global Market Leaders
Zünd has 20 years of innovative digital cutter development and over 13,000 installations worldwide. With this latest generation, Zünd has developed the world's most advanced cutting/routing system.

SummaCut Performance Vinyl and Contour Cutters

Since 1996 SummaCut has evolved to become the world’s most advanced vinyl cutter. The new SummaCut Series is the product of decades of Summa’s brilliant European engineering. SummaCut is capable of reading registration marks for contour cutting, not only on standard materials but also on reflective, holographic or mirroring materials, as well as through the many different types of laminates being used today.

SummaCut is a winning contour cutter for any sign or print shop.

Summa engineers know there’s not a more important vinyl cutter feature than tracking. That’s why every cutter we build starts with our exclusive and patented MicroSprocket™ grit roller. Milled from the finest materials, in a unique process that assures each roller has an exacting diameter. We then specially coat each roller to eliminate the risk of wear and oxidation that can degrade tracking over time.

SummaCut Plotter


Modul Mounter Flatbed Laminator

Modul Mounter Flatbed Laminator

Tennants use the ModulMounter Flatbed Laminator because it is so easy to use and the pneumatic roller can be raised and lowered with minimal effort from the operator. All Tennants UK signs are created using the this laminator because it produces results of a higher quality than standards require.

ModulMounter Features
System is modular and can be extended in 1 metre increments when required
Grows with your printing systems and the development of your business
Capable of use the full length of its laminating table

ModulMounter Models

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