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Traffic Barriers & Accessories

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Tennants traffic barriers and accessories are sourced from the best manufacturers and suppliers, all these items are of the highest quality and pass any relevant safety guidelines and standards. This varied range attempts to provide a choice of product per price point.

For more information or current pricing just get in touch with our sales staff. To configure a product or place an order, get in touch using the contact form below or call sales direct on 0115 9738088

Traffic and Pedestrian Barriers

Frontier Barrier

Frontier barriers offer unbeatable stability and support, feature flexible linking and anti-tamper devices and are made for easy storage.

The frontier barrier has maximised air flow through and around each unit for greater stability and is made from impact resistant HDPE. Even greater stability can be achieved with the addition of the SureFoot Block feet and telescopic poles.

Each barrier features the cross-link system where greater tolerance is given to linking with other makes and models of barrier and Surelock connectors keeps them secure. They stack flat and have room for their accessories around their main bodies.

Titan Barrier

The Titan Barrier is a polypropylene barrier with sub-zero protection and water drainage, featuring stability and flexible linking systems

These barriers have improved wind stability and support usage in sub zero temperatures and offer colour fastness for at least 2 years. The one piece body features apertures to allow water to drain away.

Titan traffic barriers Incorporate finger grips to aid positioning and they can be stacked flat even when linked. Their design is 100% metal free and fully recyclable.

Nissen Barrier

These Nissen Barrier are robust plastic barriers with upright metal tubes for stability and Class RA1 reflective material for high visibility.

Nissen Barriers are robust, weather-resistant plastic barriers with galvanized metal tubing and feet for enhanced stability. Capable of withstanding high wind pressures they provide an ideal solution for road closures.

These Plastic Pro Barriers come with Class RA1 reflective foil fitted top and bottom for increased visibility. They are easy to stack, transport and store.

Jersey Barrier

A Jersey barrier is a modular plastic barrier employed to separate lanes of traffic during traffic or road works. These Nissen barriers are designed to minimize vehicle damage in cases of incidental contact while still preventing the crossover case of a head-on collision.

These jersey barrier from Nissen, are made of polypropylene to ensure a long life and protect against ultraviolet rays. They're manufactured by an injection process, which provides a uniform thickness and avoids weak edges.

Avalon Barrier

The Avalon Barrier are Chapter 8 street works compliant, featuring a high density polyethylene body with Hi-Vis feet.

The high density polyethylene body has been designed to withstand high impacts, is durable and hard wearing. These are Chapter 8 street works and BS 7818 compliant, meaning they can be used for pedestrian systems.

Avalon barriers come with standard or ClearPath hi-Vis feet for better stability. Lightweight and designed for easy stacking and transportation.

Portagate Barrier System

The Portagate barrier system is a lightweight gated mini barrier designed to meet the communications industry requirements.

Made from moulded high density polyethylene it comes as a 3 or 4 panel system. Light and compact, they weigh just 2.25kg each and stack in any 180° orientation.

Lockable clips allow the system to adopt multiple configurations with anti-trip feet increasing the stability. The reflective top panel uses Class R1 material to meet EN12899-1 requirements and recessed toggle points permit the use of compatible signs.

3 or 4 Gated WorkGate Barrier

The 3 or 4 Gated WorkGate Barrier is a robust mini barrier for contractors and designed to offer muliple points of access to a workspace.

The Workgate barrier is a lightweight plastic barrier for easy handling and operation. Supplied in 3 or 4 gate versions it offers a very versatile solution to many environments and requirements.

Featuring flexible linking clips it can handle multiple configurations and its anti-trip feet create a stable base. Its fully reflective panel meets EN12899-1 requirements.

Folding Barrier System

The Folding Barrier System is a plastic, plank based barrier with hinged corner posts allowing it more flexibility over positioning.

The Champion folding barrier features injection moulded support posts with hinges. The system comes with 4 reflective marked boards and 4 plain white boards.

Accessories included are galvanised nuts, bolts and washers which connect the hinges, giving increased rigidity and robustness. This 5m unit folds so its easy to store in vehicles or on site.

Expanding Barrier

The Expanding Barrier is a polypropylene, scissor jointed barrier that extends up to 3m and collapses down to just over half a meter.

The Titan expanding barrier is a polypropylene barrier consisting of two end posts joined with a extending center. Featuring alternating white and orange rods that expand to three meters.

A lightweight construction makes positioning easy but it remains stable for use in windy conditions. Clip design secures barrier when closed but also allows linking to other barrier systems.

Water Filled Barrier

These Water Filled Barrier offer a durable solution for traffic segregation and their 45 degree connectors allow flexibility over placement.

Roadbloc traffic barriers or separators are sealed edged Solathene blocks with a threaded plug which can be removed for filling or draining. High visibility options include a reflective strip.

Interlocking feet allow the units to be stacked and slots are conviently placed for forklift use.

Fencing and Demarcation

This barrier fencing mesh is ideal for cordoning off building sites, construction sites, sporting event areas and for general crowd and pedestrian control. A choice of fixings means users can pick either traditional metal pins or support posts and feet.

This fencing and demarcation mesh is an extruded polypropylene plastic which is UV stabilised to maintain its colouring for longer. A choice of 6 bright colours ensures maximum visibility.

Fabric and Warning Tape

We can provide a choice of fabric and warning tape for interior and extertior use, with a selection of highly visible colours available. Range includes red and white barrier tape, black and yellow hazard warning tape or orange glow fabric tape.

Highway Equipment Brochure

The traffic management and highway equipment brochure contains an ordering guide and lists our current highway product range

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