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Ramps, Covers & Grit Bins

from Tennants UK

Tennants can supply a fantastic range of high quality road ramps, covers and grit bins. From temporary kerb ramps, permanent traffic calming speed bumps to concrete and tarmac fixing bolts.

Contact highway equipment and signs direct for more details or if you wish to place an order, get in touch using the contact form below or call sales direct on 0115 9738088

Just check through our ramps and covers range below to find the product to suit your requirements.

The safe kerb ramp is just one of our ramps, covers & grit bins

Current Range

Kerb Ramp

This bright yellow plastic kerb ramp is perfect for everyday pedestrian use with a non-slip base and raised sides. Compliant for a mulitude of specifications and adaptable for heights from 60 to 160mm.

The ramp comes pre-drilled with bolt holes in each corner, handles loads up to 250kg and is 100% recyclable.

Temporary Traffic Calming Ramp

This temporary traffic calming ramp can be used as speed management solution for road works or on construction sites and is suitable for most vehicles. It comes in sections so parts can be added to make required lengths and can be easily dismantled and moved.

Its gradient slope is designed to noticeably slow vehicles and has been actively tested up to 44 tonnes. Each end plate and section comes with holes for fixing bolts.

Road Plate

This road plate supports both cars and loaded heavy goods vehicles travelling across road openings or trenches. It is tested for vehicles up to 44 tonnes travelling at 10mph.

Each edge are chamfered to minimise potential tyre damage and reduce traffic noise, plate sections are finished with a non-slip surface.

Temporary Pedestrian Crossing Mat

The temporary pedestrian crossing mat is easy to set up, being constructed from individual sections and is covered with a non-slip finish. Installation is tool-less with each mat weighing just 24kg each.

Clearpath pedestrian crossing mats are recommended by construction site safety officers for the clear direction and safety they offer site pedestrians. This is a cost effective solution with mats being reusable time after time.

Safe Cover

Safe cover are versatile safety mats traditionally used to offer pedestrian egress over ditches and trenches. They come with a slip resistant surface and machined edges to prevent tripping.

Trench Cover

Trench cover are versatile safety mats traditionally used to offer pedestrian and vehicle egress over ditches and trenches. They come with a slip resistant surface and chamfered machined edges to prevent pedestrian tripping.

Lighter than steel plates trench covers are stronger than wooden planks and are capable of handling up to 2000kg of distributed weight. They are brandable with corporate logos and are suitable for covering holes up to 700mm wide.

Low Profile Cover

Low Profile Cover are versatile trench covers used to offer pedestrian and heavy vehicle access over ditches and trenches. They come with a anti-slip PVC edging that adjusts to pavement cambers and helps prevent tripping.

These covers offer a anti-slip, shock resistant surface which can be branded in corporate colours or with a logo. They are heavier than standard covers which makes them more stable and less in need of being fixed down.

Grit Bins

These grit bins come in a choice of three sizes, the lid features grips for easy of use and empty bins are stack-able inside each other. They are made from UV stablised plastic and are brandable with council or corporate logos.

Highway Equipment Brochure

The traffic management and highway equipment brochure contains an ordering guide and lists our current highway product range

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