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LG Software

for Number Plates or Show-Room Plates and Signs


Our LG Software provides a simple but effective design and production solution for either legal plates or show-room plates and signs. We have developed the software over many years making it the most versatile in the industry. Available in two versions, both are designed for our media systems and only our modified printers are configured to correctly print their designs.

Below are links to further information on each version's features and capabilities.

LG Plates

for Legal Number Plates

LG Plates offers a peerless solution for the automotive supplier in our opinion. Its features simplify and streamline number plate design all while remaining BSAU 145d compliant. Complex designs are turned into simple one click options, helping users design and print a plate in just moments. Its capability surpasses the competition easily, and has templates for a hundred different sizes including shaped plates.

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LG Signs

for Legal, Show Plates & Signs

LG Signs enhances the base features of our plates software allowing users to make designs that aren’t just road legal. Users can combine and manipulate multiple text fields or images to create show-room and classic number plates. Design using any system installed font, add custom transparencies and layer elements. Signs also gives users the freedom to create simple signs in house, with a selection of safety sign designs and their assets all included.

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Legal Plates Only Or

Legal, Show-Room and Custom Plates with Signs

Each version of our number plate software offers a different level of capability and features. LG Plates, only makes road legal plates and restricts its design options to ensure compliancy, Whereas LG Signs, offers a greater choice of elements to include and manipulate within a design.

A screenshot showing LG Plates software

LG Software & Our Systems

The printers in our systems are the only machines correctly configured to print designs created in LG software. We test printing on and use Oralite number plate reflective from Orafol and Folex's clear number plate film. LG Signs is bundled along with LG Plates, so suppliers will be able to print road legal plates as well. You can buy LG Software individually, but we recommend you purchase it with one of our complete number plate printing systems.

Also Available

Number Plate Systems

Our number plate systems are designed to give suppliers everything needed to produce BS compliant number plates.

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Number Plate Media

Our plate media comes in all the shapes and all sizes needed to make plates for any vehicle.

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