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Posted: 11/07/2018 09:00:21 By: WebMaster

The Locomotive Act 1861

The Locomotive Act 1861

Before the Locomotive Act 1861 came into a play, three decades earlier, the Parliamentary Commission of Enquiry reported they were “strongly in favour of steam carriages on roads.” but due to the success of the railways movement, all mechanical propelled carriages were soon forced off the highway, giving the reigns back to the traditional horse drawn cart. Subsequent Acts of Parliament tended to have a discouraging and restrictive effect when debating the movement of transportation.

The first act introduced:

British Standard for number plates BSAU145e

The industry still works the same today, we have to keep our ears close to the ground for when legislation changes and be ready to adapt to all new laws. Recently we saw the introduction of GDPR this year (which I’m sure everyone now knows all too well) and an update to the British Standard for Number Plates (BSAU145e). We acclimatise to all appropriate measures, ensuring our services and solutions are not only flexible to meet industry standards but also pliable enough to earn the trust of our customer base.

Car showroom sign

You might not know it but The Locomotive Act may have spurred a trend that’s still in use today. Have you ever read a name on a number plate, spotted a fancy sign in a dealership forecourt or marked a vibrant logo on a bottom line?

As we mentioned above, the law meant that a vehicle owner had to have their name clearly displayed.

Supplying Private, Personalised and Cherished Number Plates is a popular business model and dealerships have been promoting worldwide brands on Showroom Signs for many years. Tennants UK’s LED Trade Printing System has the ability to deliver both. For customers that rely on Thermal Printing Solutions, we supply a fantastic Made Up Plate Service to convey all possibilities.

5 Reasons to Demo Tennants UK’s Trade System

Trade number plate system

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