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Posted: 16/07/2018 09:00:57 By: WebMaster

The Locomotive Act 1865

The Locomotive Act 1865

Stop that speeding!

The Locomotive Act 1865 was introduced because on a number of occasions, hefty fines were dealt out to the operators of self-propelled vehicles for driving dangerously on U.K roads. This irresponsible behaviour forced The Locomotive Act 1861 to be improved, putting further pressure on the industry. Certain governmental influencers wanted automotive traffic off the highways and onto the railways. This encouragement was heightened by slapping on further speed and weight restrictions.

The road over tower bridge

Road based locomotives and automobiles were no longer allowed to travel within the city boundaries at 10mph and were forced to abide by a safer 2mph. Travellers heading from London to Birmingham (a 114 Mile trip) had to endure a 15-20hr journey time under new speed zones, where drivers could travel no quicker than  4mph. The nation had to suffer this draconian rule for 30 years until the restrictions were changed to 14mph by the end of the century.

Vehicle and Red Flag Man

Have you ever heard of a “Man with a red flag”? The Locomotive Act 1865 became infamous through the stories of poor souls who were made to carry red flags or lanterns 60 yards at walking pace ahead of all moving vehicles. This procedure was a safety mechanism to warn horse drawn traffic of the approach of oncoming automobiles.

A workbench and tools

Rules and regulations are sometimes hard to track, especially when you have so many spinning plates when managing a business or department. This is why Tennants UK make sure to have their own men with red flags stepping ahead, testing products, working closely with the BNMA and enforcing conformity.

Get the stamp of approval

Make sure your number plate media, printing solutions and software work in harmony because your reputation is the most important element of any working relationship. It may seem overly cautious but the reason Tennants UK only allow media to be designed by their software and printed through their systems is because they can only monitor, test and guarantee compliance when their full solutions are used.

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