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Media Components

our Number Plate Media

Here you can find information on the media components used in Tennants number plate printing systems. The information provided covers include our coated film, reflective sheets, reflective plates and clear acrylic covers. Our entire number plate range including the software, printers and systems have been designed from the ground to use these media components.


Clear Film Sheets

Media Components - Clear Film Sheets

Our clear film sheets are durable and flexible enough to be used in our printers without them melting or losing print quality. They are coated with a substrate that bonds to the surface allowing prints to stick, either side can be used for printing. They are dead sized and are accurate to just a half a millimeter. Shaped plates can be produced with film printing by using over-sized film which is trimmed after printing.

These film sheets accept colour and mono printing so they can be used with any of our specialist laser printers. They are available pre-cut in singles for special plate sizes, in multi packs or rolls for trade customers.


Reflective Sheets

Media Components - Reflective Sheets

Our reflective sheets come in a range of sizes to match any number plate on the road. They have a reflective face with the printable versions flexible and durable enough to go through our modified printers. Available both dry or wet faced, meaning either with or without adhesive. They are available in singles and packs of any size, with perforated rolls of standard oblong plates offered.

Pre-badged variants are also available in most plate sizes. Producing shaped number plates with reflective printing requires an over sized sheet being trimmed down after printing. We set up and test our number plate systems to use Oralite reflective media from Orafol.


Reflective Plates

Media Components - Reflective Plates

Our reflective number plates come in a range of sizes to match most car and bike models on the road. These rigid plastic (ABS) or acrylic plates have with a reflective finish on one side. They are non-printable, due in part to their rigidity and because they usually come coated with adhesive. 

Badged variants of most plate sizes are available, with all plates pre-cut and dead sized. Available as singles, especially for shaped plates or in multi packs for any plate size. Most commonly customers use these plates when printing on film sheets.


Clear Acrylic Covers

Media Components - Clear Acrylic Covers

These clear covers are rigid acrylic panels that come dead sized, including their shaped variants. Generally they are wet faced, meaning they come already pre-coated with an adhesive. Dry faced versions are offered for clients who still mount letters individually. They are available to purchase individually or in multi-packs.

For number plates they are primarily used as a protective cover for printed reflective sheets.


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