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Posted: 10/09/2018 By: WebMaster

A1 Convention 2018

Calling all A1 Motor Stores members, it’s that time of year again the A1 Convention 2018 will soon be upon us. This year the prestigious event take...

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Posted: 22/08/2018 By: WebMaster

Road Traffic Act 1930

The Road Traffic Act 1930 abolished the 20MPH speed limit and set a variety of limits for different classes of vehicle. No limit was set for vehicles ...

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Posted: 20/08/2018 By: WebMaster

Signed Sealed Delivered

Having proudly secured ISO 9001:2015 certification in November last year, we recently negotiated our first audit and passed with flying colours to kee...

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Posted: 17/08/2018 By: WebMaster

Hackney Carriages

A Hackney or Hackney Carriage is a carriage or automobile for hire and is traditionally known as the Black Cab or London Taxi.  A decade after the ne...

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Posted: 16/08/2018 By: WebMaster

New Kids on the Block

Continued success and expansion inevitably bring new members to our lineup and Tennants welcome some New Kids on the Block. Permanent headliners Lee S...

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Posted: 12/08/2018 By: WebMaster

Bye Bye Baby

Bye bye baby, even though Brexit negotiations currently bring to mind the Hokey Cokey, the UK’s membership of the EU is in its final year, so it ...

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Posted: 10/08/2018 By: WebMaster

The Road Act 1920

Have you ever driven down one of those forgotten country roads, lined with cracks and bumps and potholes? Could you imagine a time when it was just mu...

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Posted: 06/08/2018 By: WebMaster

The Finance Act 1908

The Finance Act 1908 came into action because of a surge in motor vehicle popularity. The amount of cars on the road began to take its toll on the UK...

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Posted: 04/08/2018 By: WebMaster

Dont Stop Moving

Just like the title of the S Club 7 dance-floor classic Don't Stop Moving, admit it, you’re humming it now aren’t you?, we don’t like to stay st...

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Posted: 03/08/2018 By: WebMaster

The Motor Car Act 1903

The Motor Car Act 1903 introduced special measures to help identify vehicles and their drivers. All motor vehicles were to be registered, and display ...

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Posted: 01/08/2018 By: WebMaster

Locomotive and Highways Act 1896

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of multiple engines revving up and down the country, the Locomotive and Highways Act 1896 kick started a string ...

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Posted: 30/07/2018 By: WebMaster

Henry Hewetson

It was a humble tea & coffee merchant that introduced England to the first petrol driven car in 1894. When Henry Hewetson was on a visit to Mannhe...

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