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Number Plate Printing

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Our Number Plate Printing division provides solutions that are among the most innovative in their sector, helping suppliers to evolve and improve. We created the first colour number plate printer and now, we are market leaders in complete number plate solutions. Our systems, media and software are interdependent, functioning together to make number plates that meet BSAU 145d regulations.


Using the ethos of simplicity we design our products to automate wherever possible, to be interdependent and function together. Suppliers using our systems can be assured they’re making BSAU145d compliant number plates. Our production software automatically meets any layout requirements. We offer a choice of print media system, film or reflective, with printers modified for that specific blank media. And we supply matched media components, paired together to ensure finished plates are compliant with British Standards.

Take a look below and find out more about our solutions, featuring the best number plate printing products on the market

Number Plate Systems

complete Number Plate Solutions

Our number plate systems are designed to give suppliers everything they need to produce BSAU145d compliant number plates. Suppliers can pick an entry point from our systems, by choosing a printer type and deciding between film or reflective printing.

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LG Software

our Number Plate Software

Our number plate software, offers an automatic and user friendly solution to number plate design and production. Available in two versions, LG Plates for legal plates only or LG Signs for more complex designs suitable for show-room and custom plates.

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Number Plate Media

for Film or Reflective Printing

We provide our number plate media in all the sizes needed to make number plates to match any vehicle on the road. Our self assembly components include clear film sheets, printable reflective, rigid plates and acrylic faces, in-fact everything a supplier could need.

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Making Number Plates Is Easy

Design, Print & Assemble

Easy... Because the hard work's already been done

Modern number plates have legal requirements for plate layout and construction. We check each component of our solutions so they meet and exceed those requirements. Our processes and end products are checked extensively in-house using our Test Lab before we submit them for third party accreditation.


Our software ensures that number plate designs are compliant for composition. All the elements must be in the right place, spaced accordingly and include relevant details before they can be printed.


Our modified printers are altered so they print consistently on a specific media type. They put down the right amount of toner to ensure correct colour and opacity regardless of plate size.


Our number plate media systems are matched components, so when assembled together they make a composite that meets reflectivity, durability and longevity requirements.

Our systems represent a complete solution to number plate production. They offer a streamlined design process, choices on colour capability and an assurance on compliancy. If you are interested in seeing any of our systems in action, fill in our number plates contact form below and request a demonstration. Or check out this site for more information on our range of solutions for number plates.

Buy Online

Tennants number plate solutions are available to purchase online, subject to an account or a RNPS ID number being provided.



A PDF catalog with a complete product list of the current number plate printing range is available by using the link below.


Number Plate Information

Our digital Tutorial Page can help users to digitally sign and fill out forms.

Trade Application

We ask all new customers fill out a trade application form before purchasing any of our systems or plate media

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Number Plates

All the information and legal regulations on the supply and displaying of number plates is available on the DVLA website

Visit the DVLA SITE »

DVLA Supplier

Anybody looking to become an official number plate supplier will need to visit and register via the DVLA website



As members of the BNMA, Tennants will only supply matched number plate media components that conform to BSAU 145d.

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