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LG Plates Software

for Legal Number Plates

LG Plates software, from Tennants UK offers suppliers a user friendly and an automatically compliant solution to number plate design and production. Restricting its features to road legal options only, its designed to integrate perfectly with our specialised printers and media. We’ve developed this software over many years aiming to make it the most versatile in the industry.

LG Plates Software running on a laptop

Built for Suppliers

With features that simplify and streamline plate design while remaining BSAU145d compliant. Complex number plate designs are turned into simple one click options, helping users to design and print a legal number plate in moments.

Its powerful capability surpasses the competition easily, with templates for a hundred plate sizes including shaped plates.

Road Legal Number Plates

Using LG Plates to design a number plate is straight forward, with a text field for the registration and check boxes for options. Only legally compliant design options are available to choose from in the plates builder. Built in plate templates, fulfill the legal requirements for text placement, font type, size, colour and spacing. Altering the selected plate size automatically adjusts the text size and spacing so it continues to be compliant.

Automatic Compliancy From LG Plates


Insert supplier identifiers, borders and badges using a full colour palette

Precise &

LG Plates creates number plate designs that are accurate to just half a millimeter


Comma separate registrations to allow batch runs for fast production

100 +

Plate Sizes

Other in built features include pre-defined badge and the coach line positioning, with automatic gaps for the British Standard number and identifier. The coach line can be styled via a full colour palette and its gap spacing can also be adjusted. Only road legal fonts and side badges are included with the software to help ensure compliancy.

Plates Builder

The plates builder holds all the number plate design options in one handy location. In a few clicks, road legal plates can be designed and printed in full compliance to BSAU145d. Elements are automatically spaced to legal standards for no hassle plate production. LG Plates allows users to design any legal number plate, instantly ensuring all DVLA criteria has been met. A range of registrations can be loaded to allow batch printing for speedy bulk production.

The LG Plates platebuilder

1: Plate Size

This box contains the selector for plate size, the width and height controls become active when a custom plate size is selected.

2: Registration Field

Enter the registration mark here, comma seperate multiple registrations to create a batch run of plates using the same design.

3: Supplier Tag Line (Text)

The required supplier name and postcode can be entered and styled here, a logo can be used if desired (option 6).

4: Coach Line

Choose whether to include a coach line, select its colour using the palette and tweak its gap using these options.

5: Printing & Font Options

Cycle through the included legal font types here, select whether to print in reverse and print a pair of plate designs.

6: Supplier Tag Line (Logo)

Select a supplier logo to be used with these controls and size to fit, alternately simple text can be used (option 3).

7: Side Badge

Want to use a side badge, simply tick the box and choose from an array of included compliant designs.

8: Logo + Text Adjuster

Images and text locations can all be fine tuned, just place your cursor in the target element and use the pad to tweak positioning.

RNPS Logging

As well as helping suppliers adhere to the British Standards for plate layout, LG Plates now has an integrated RNPS Log to help suppliers keep accurate records of all the number plates they make.

LG Plates RNPS Logging

1: Plate

This tab contains details of the number plate supplied, the sales person who issued the plate or served the customer.

2: Entitlement

Supplier's can select from the different types of accepted entitlement documents and enter its serial number.

3: Identity

Supplier's can select from the different types of accepted identity documents and enter its serial number.

4: Customer

Enter customer details here, fields include name, address and contact information.

5: Update

Supplier's can select whether to save the current transaction or view historic records.

LG Plates Software Disc and Case

Install Requirements

Our Number Plate Systems

LG Plates is perfectly configured to print its designs using the specialist printers in our systems. There are a range of systems that include a specialist printer and they already include a fully licenced copy of LG Plates.


Designed for Our Media

LG Plates is designed to print onto our plate media range. Our matched media systems give suppliers confidence that finished number plates made using them are British Standard compliant.


LG Signs Upgrade

LG Signs enhances on the base features of our plates software, allowing designs that aren’t just road legal. Insert, combine and manipulate multiple elements to create show-room and classic number plates.

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