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LG Plates Software

for Legal Number Plates

LG Plates software is our number plate design and production software, created for suppliers of road legal number plates. It is designed to integrate perfectly with our specialist printers and blank number plate media.

A peerless solution for the automotive supplier in our opinion, its features simplify and streamline plate design while remaining BSAU 145d compliant. Complex number plate designs are turned into simple one click options, helping the user design and print a legal plate in moments. Its capability surpasses the competition easily, with templates for a hundred plate sizes including shaped plates.


You can buy LG Plates Software individually, but we recommend purchasing it as part of a number plate system. Plus our modified printers are the only machines correctly configured to print designs created in the software.

Road Legal Number Plates

Using LG Plates to design a number plate is straight forward for users, with a text field for the registration and quick check boxes for options. Only legally compliant design options are available to choose from. If you are after making show-room plates or custom plate designs we suggest looking at our LG Signs software.

Number plates made using LG Plates are designed to meet BSAU145d regulations.

Automatic font space and size

Font Size & Space

The built in templates fulfill the legal requirements for text placement, font type, size, colour and spacing. Altering the selected plate size automatically adjusts the text size and spacing so it continues to be compliant.

Side badge and coach line

Badge & Coachline

Features include pre-defined badge and the coach line positioning, with automatic gaps for the BS number and identifier. The coach line can be styled via a full colour palette and the gap spacing can also be adjusted.

Software Features


A mouse few clicks designs a plate that meets BSAU 145d regulations.


Streamline your production using layout templates and one click options.


Number plate elements are sized, spaced and placed automatically.


Design supplier identifiers, borders and badges can use a full colour palette.

Precise &

Creates number plates that are currently accurate to just half a millimeter.


Use plate designs with comma separated registrations to print batch runs.

LG Plates Requirements

LG plates software functions best with a desktop PC or laptop that meets the system requirements set below. Specs listed are based on version - 1.5

LG Plates Software Disc and Case
  • Windows 7 and Up
  • 1.5Ghz CPU
  • 2Gb RAM
  • 1Gb HD Space
  • DVD Drive
  • WEB Browser

Our Number Plate Systems

LG Plates is perfectly configured to print designs using the specialist printers in our systems, with out the media melting or losing print quality.


Designed for Our Media

Our matched media systems gives suppliers the confidence that finished number plates made using them are British Standard compliant.


Also Available

LG Signs Software

LG Signs lets its users combine and manipulate multiple elements to create a show plate or design simple safety signs.

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Buy LG Plates Online

LG Plates software is available to purchase online, with upgrades for older versions, replacement discs and even extra user licences

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