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LG Signs Software

for Showroom Signs

LG Signs software enhances the base features of our plate software and allows suppliers to produce signage for vehicle showrooms and sales counters. Design signs for vehicles in minutes and show off your brand in your dealership forecourt. Our software is compatible with our specialised LED printers, film components and ABS media.

Users of the RNPS Log facility can rest assured LG Software is not only fully DVLA compliant for plate layout it's also in accordance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act.

LG Signs running on a laptop showing a safety design

Design Freedom

Combine and manipulate multiple text fields or images to create complex designs. Use any system installed font, add custom transparencies and layer elements. Set the colour on any design element and show off branding, makes or models.

Unleash your imagination and create showroom, custom and safety signs. Design and print signs for the office or POS counters.

Custom Plates and Signs

This unique software even allows users to personalise designs to make fun signs for special occasions and gifts. Use our printable film, vinyl, or banner material up to 1.3 metres in length and combine them with a clear acrylic face.

LG Signs builder and a safety design

LG Signs software supports the use of any system installed font, with users able to manipulate their size and position. 5 input fields allow inserting text into a design at multiple points, even permitting the use of a different font type each time. Include and combine up to four separate images, position and stack them to create any effect or finished design. The software include options to move, resize, tile and align each picture, support is provided for transparencies and layering.

LG Signs Features


Import multiple images into a design and layer or stack them on top each other, the first is stacked at the bottom and the last the top.


Insert elements into a design and use an array of positioning options and features, including stretch, tile, flip, rotate and resize.


Text and font work, borders and backgrounds, imported images and side badges in full colour, with support for image transparencies.


Design black and silver concept plates for applicable vehicles manufactured pre 1972.


LG Signs comes packaged with scalable health and safety images or pictograms.


Includes pre-configured layout templates for many common health and safety signs.

LG Signs text options


The text options allow users to choose media size from a drop down menu, which is populated with our compatible media but has the option to set a custom canvas size. 5 text insertion fields are displayed alongside features to alter their font type, colour, background, position, transparency and size.

LG Signs image options


The images tab shows the controls and options available to insert, position, size and even apply transparencies on the images in your design. 4 pictures can be used, including an overall background image. Images can be layered by using the order they are inserted, with the last being the highest in the stack.

LG Signs coach line options


The coach tab has controls to add multiple coach lines, set fill colours and choose sizes. These elements can also be layered or stacked as required. Line styles include rounded corners, line thickness and line or background colours. To help users create showroom signs the gap feature from our plates software is located here.

LG Signs Software Disc and Case

Install Requirements

Neither LG Signs or Plates currently supports installation or functions on any version of Mac OS, iOS, Linux, Unix or any JS based operating systems. .NET 4.6 is required by the software and is installed prior to the plates software itself. A functioning Web browser with Internet connectivity may be required for installation, support or training purposes.
* Required disc space does not include room for .NET4.6

Log Facility

LG Software's RNPS Log feature is not only fully DVLA compliant but is also in accordance with GDPR and the current Data Protection Act. You can rest assured by default the feature:

Trust Tennants UK to help ensure that you remain compliant, secure and up to date.

Software Support

LG Signs is supposed to be used with our complete printing solutions, we can’t guarantee it will function perfectly with other printer models or media. If you have questions regarding our software’s features or need help using it, just get in touch and we will do our best to assist. There’s a category in our support centre dedicated to our signs software LG Signs, with guides and answers to common questions.

You can call our number plates division on 0115 9738084 or Email support with a request for assistance. If you have arranged a remote support session you can use the software to start the session, just select Help, then Remote Support from the menu and then enter the code provided by tech support. Depending on what system or support package clients have, there may be a charge for remote or on-site assistance.

When the software starts up a splash screen now shows the expiration date of the current licence. During installation system administrators can configure the software, setting permissions, logging and formats to suit their business needs.

Our Printing Systems

LG Signs is perfectly configured to print its designs using the specialist printers in our LED systems. Tennants UK's number plate systems are designed to give suppliers everything they need to produce plates and signs.


Designed For Our Media

LG Signs is designed to use the printable film, vinyl, or banner material from our plate media range. We use matched media systems to give suppliers confidence that plates made using them are British Standard compliant.


LG Plates Software

LG Plates is our legal number plate design and production software. It offers suppliers features to simplify and streamline number plate design all while remaining BSAU 145d compliant.

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