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Dual Technology

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Dual Technology PPE is hi-visibility work-wear that actually glows. Helping wearers to stay visible for up to 2 hours after being in a lit area.
These garments feature two technologies working in tandem, keeping users safer than just using standard PPE.

Dual Technology work wear uses Vizlite tape

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VizLite DT Tape

Dual technology garments use Vizlite tape, which is charged by ultraviolet light. Light is absorbed by the material and then released slowly as an afterglow.
This afterglow can last for up to 8 hours, with first 2 hours being the brightest. Frequent charging will allow the glow to maintain its intensity.

You can see examples below of a jacket under different lighting conditions.

Vizlite tape on a Dual Technology jacket showing its fluorescence effect

Fluorescence Effect

Vizlite tape on a Dual Technology jacket showing its retro-reflective effect

Retro Reflectivitive Effect

Vizlite tape on a Dual Technology jacket showing its photoluminescence effect

Photoluminescence Effect

Features And Benefits

Dual technology garments provide an extra level of visibility to their wearers. They have a far lower cost than existing alternatives like battery powered PPE.

Charged in just minutes by daylight or artificial light and last for hours. The tapes are waterproof and have no special laundry requirements.

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