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Premier Number Plate Systems

for Paired, High Speed Production

Our Premier Number Plate Systems harness the power of two thermal printers to deliver high speed, number plate production. Their simple, lean operation allows them to precisely print a pair of number plates every few seconds.

Our Premier Number Plate Systems

This solution offers high speed, paired number plate production using simple friendly software and twin thermal printers. Modified for reliability they print number plates directly onto reflective rolls. Finished number plates are made by matching the printed reflective with clear acrylic faces. This combination of components ensures the number plates meet the regulations and standards.

Providing professional level production they utilise 250 panel rolls and can output 500 number plates at a time.

Interested in our Premier Number Plate Systems

For more information call 0115 9738084 or Email our sales team. If you want, Request a Demo and see them in operation for yourself.

Each system comes with everything needed to start production and a tailored support package. Installation, set-up and training is free of charge and carried out on-site. The software includes a 12 months licence, with phone and remote assistance. A 2 year parts Citizen warranty provides coverage for both the printers. Only making oblong plates, any gaps in capability can be covered by our made-up plate service, which offers full colour number plates of any size.

Note: Internet connectivity is required for online support and an active anti-virus software must be in use. Remote and telephone support proceeds on-site visits in all cases. Use of non-authorised parts and media will invalidate service agreements and warranties.

Find more information below on the features that make up our Premier Number Plate System Systems.

Design & Production Software

The Premier Number Plate Systems have software to help you with layout compliance

Each Premier system comes with our legal plate builder, boasting features that simplify and streamline plate design while remaining standards compliant.

Design is straight forward, built in templates automatically fulfil layout requirements and control software allows users to specify which printers to use.

The software has an integrated plate builder which only has legal options

The software's plates builder holds all the design options in one accessible location. A text field accepts registration numbers with check boxes for optional elements, with only legally compliant design options available.

The software also has a RNPS Log for storing number plate and customer details

It also comes with an integrated RNPS Log facility to help suppliers keep accurate records of all the plates they’ve made. Users can input their sales information along with the customer proofs and any number plates details.

Twin Thermal Printers

Premier Number Plate Systems use a pair of thermal printers modified for reflective media

These systems include a pair of thermal printers, specifically configured to print onto reflective rolls.

Robust and with just one black ribbon to replace they keep running costs down.

Plate Media

Premier Number Plate Systems prints onto reflective rolls to make number plates

Number plates are printed onto reflective panels which should then be combined with clear acrylic faces.

This combination of components gives our number plates the reflectivity, rigidity and durability the standards require.

Our Premier Number Plate Systems

Each system comes with our legal plate builder software, any power and USB cables, along with the modified printers. Premier system come with free installation and operator training, along with a support package tailored for owners.

A Citizen CL-S700 Thermal Printer
LG Plates software disc and licence
Printers blank media feed tray
Printer USB Cable
Welcome pack and user guides

Operating Conditions

These are robust systems that require some basic environmental conditions be met for the best production results. Both the printers and blank media will need placing in a location free from excessive dust and kept away from condensation. Operating in conditions out side of this can effect the printing quality and finish.

Premier Series printers have settings designed for specific media and approved ribbons. Their settings require this predictability to function correctly. Using any other brand can affect print quality and that may reduce the legality of a finished plate.

This system requires approved media and ribbons be used to make BSAU145d number plates.

Request A Demo

Interested in seeing the Premier Number Plate Systems in action. Fill in the form and request a demonstration of our number plate solutions, just use the button below.

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