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Traffic Sign Solutions

from Tennants UK

Here's our Traffic Sign Solutions from Tennants UK. Choose from a range of reflective vinyls, application tapes, lettering tapes and overlays that are widely used in the manufacture of traffic signs. Being the UK master distributor of Oralite enables us to offer a huge range of reflective materials and to easily supply large orders.

Our free slitting service means we can cut materials to any bespoke size customers require. All the materials found in this section and the processes used in their construction follow any regulations and guidelines for them. If you are interested in being sent a sample or are after a special material just phone or email us at reflective solutions, alternately fill in the Contact Form below.

TennantsUK's Traffic Sign Solutions

We use the vinyls, tapes and other materials found below in our own production processes. We find them ideal for use in traffic road signs or anywhere where high reflectivity is required. Click on the links below and take a look at our reflective solutions for traffic signs. Drop us a line and get in touch for more details and individual pricing.

Class RA1 Reflective Sheeting

Class RA1 reflective sheeting is an engineering grade material which can be used for signs used on unlit roads.

Class RA1 Reflective Sheeting »

Class RA2 Reflective Sheeting

Class RA2 reflective sheeting is designed for extended exterior use, we use it on our high speed traffic signs.

Class RA2 Reflective Sheeting »

Class R3B Reflective Sheeting

Class R3B Reflective sheeting are prismatic sheets designed for use on traffic signs with extended exterior exposure.

Class R3B Reflective Sheeting »

Application Tape

This range includes tape used for the wet and dry application of sign and banner elements.

Application Tape »

Lettering Film

These products are used for lettering on both permanent and temporary traffic signs.

Lettering Film »

Overlay Materials

These specialist films protect signs and displays from damage from vandals or from the elements.

Overlay Materials »

Reflective Solutions Brochure

This brochure contains a comprehensive list of our reflective material, components and information on our slitting service.

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