Roller Jigs

Roller and Alignment Jigs

Assemble and combine media components to produce plates and signs using our range of rollers and alignment jigs.
None of our complete systems or kits come with a jig by default, so if you don't already have one these are well worth investing in.

Laminating Jigs

Picture of Tennants UK NC113 Cold_roll_laminator, reference part number:NC113

192.00 inc VAT

Economy Alignment Jig - NC113

Model: NC113
Level: Economy
Max Width: 210mm
Roller: Fixed Height
Range: Number Plates

Picture of Tennants UK NC111 Cold_roll_laminator, reference part number:NC111

282.00 inc VAT

Guided Number Plate Jig - NC111

Model: NC111
Level: Guided
Max Width: 210mm
Roller: Fixed Height
Pre-Sets: 8 Widths
Range: Number Plates & Small Signs

Picture of Tennants UK NC108 Cold_roll_laminator, reference part number:NC108

288.00 inc VAT

Premium Jig and Roller - NC108

Model: NC108
Level: Premium
Max Width: 240mm
Roller: Adjustable Height
Features: Adjustable Roller NC106
Range: Number Plates & Small Signs