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LG Plates Software

LG Plates design software is aimed at improving and streamlining legal number plate production.

It delivers this using templates with pre-positioned text fields for identifier, BS number and registration number.
Text size and spacing are handled automatically with options available for coachlines, side badges and colours.

Using LG Plates means, in just a few mouse clicks a fully UK compliant plate can be designed.

Image showing LG Plates running on a laptop
Road Legal

In a few clicks, road legal plates can be created with vehicle registration number, plate supplier with their postcode and British Standard number.

Layout Presets

Choose a plate size and all required components are sized, spaced and placed automatically into their legally compliant locations.

You can buy LG Plates Software individually, but we recommend purchasing it as part of a number plate system.
Plus our modified printers are the only machines correctly configured to print designs created in the software.

We aim to only sell number plate products to customers who are DVLA registered. Please enter your RNPS ID number during checkout, it will be checked before orders are processed.

Number Plate Software

Picture of Tennants UK LGPLATES Productivity_software, reference part number:OKI012

180.00 inc VAT

LG Plates Software - OKI012

Includes: Software & Licence
Number plate design and production software.
Features automatic compliancy options and side badge and coach line functions.
Production friendly with one click settings and batch printing support

Plates Features

Quickly design plates with coach lines & side badges but clearly see if they comply with DVLA requirements.
Plates allows users to easily input licence information including comma separated registrations to create batches of plates.

Click the button below and take a look at just some of the automatic features and functions of our plates software.

Software Features