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LG Signs offers a solution for users wanting to produce show plates or create signs in house.

Tabbed options are available which are used to control text, images and backgrounds.
Insert multiple images into a design which can then be then moved and further manipulated.

Five entry fields provide insertion points for multiple text points, which can be of any installed font on the system.
The software comes with a drop down menu populated with our media sizes and has templates for common projects included.

Image showing LG Signs running on a laptop
Show Plates

Support for system installed fonts, multiple text fields and images combine to give users the options needed to make plates for shows, vehicle forecourts and more.

Bespoke Signs

Choose a media size, combine multiple images and components together to create an array of signs, safety notices and information boards.

Road Legal Plates

LG Plates our legal number plate software is also bundled with Signs. With Plates, licence plates can be created that meet compliancy requirements.

LG Signs includes LG Plates

Picture of Tennants UK LGSIGNS Productivity_software, reference part number:OKI011

360.00 inc VAT

LG Signs Software with LG Plates - OKI011

Includes: Software & Licence
Safety sign and show plate creation software
Supports any system font and multiple images sources in full colour
Features include transparancy and layering of design elements

Signs Features

Our LG Signs software allows users to combine and manipulate multiple elements and create a complex design.
Forecourts can produce showplates to match vehicle models or sites can produce safety notices and advertising as they want.

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Software Features