Signs Installation

Quick Install - Guide

Below is a quick install guide for the signs software, including any dependencies.
Note: A web browser is required for installation only and not for software operation.

A complete install guide including uninstall instructions, can be found on the disc (pdf reader required).

Installation Disc

Insert the disc and wait for the installer to start. If you have auto-run turned off, just browse to and select the .exe to run the application.

Printer Drivers

Ensure your compatible printer is connected to the system and install the new modified printer drivers.


Next up is the .net framework, both plates and signs require this to function and it needs to be installed prior to the software.

Plates Software

Run the installer for the plates software now.

Signs Software

After plates, the installer for the signs software should then run.


Reboot your computer, this allows new software and any services to finish being installed and set-up.

Activate Software

Before you can save and print out a design you will have to activate your software. Contact support for your activation key.

LG Signs Tour

A tour of the software functions can be found using the link below.
It shows the split screen display with the settings on top and the design preview below.

LG Signs Tour