Number Plate Printers

Number Plate Printers

Our optimised number plate printers are perfect for creating UK road legal car and motorbike number plates.
Working in tandem with LG Plates software, number plate designs can be printed perfectly time after time.

Offered so users can upgrade their processes or replace older units, we recommend purchasing these printers as part of a new system.
LG Plates software works perfectly with these number plate printers, because only they are configured to print its designs perfectly.

Image showing a white number plate

Each printers alterations enable printing on our media range with superior bonding and text definition.
Note: We do not offer a modification service for or support printers bought from third parties.

LG Printers modified

Picture of Tennants UK lgctz621 , reference part number:lgctz621

420.00 inc VAT

Budget Thermal Number Plate Printer - lgctz621

LG Modified Citizen printer
Entry level Thermal model

Prints Mono on Reflective sheets
Oblong number plate printer
Includes: Metal Feed Tray + USB Cable

Picture of Tennants UK lgoki532 , reference part number:lgoki532

474.00 inc VAT

Trade Number Plate Printer - lgoki532

LG Modified OKI C532 Printer
Trade Level LED Number Plate Printer

Prints on Film or Reflective
Includes: Feed Tray + USB Cable

LED Printer Plate Media Tray

Picture of Tennants UK OKI021 Paper_tray, reference part number:OKI021

24.00 inc VAT

LG Extended Feed Tray - OKI021

Extended Media Tray -OKI021
Helps Hold & Feed Plate Media into Printer

Suitable for Multiple LED Models
Fits: OKI C300 & C500 Series