Plate & Sign Media

Number Plate Blanks and Sign Media

Tennants provide number plate media in a range of sizes and shapes to match any vehicle, including lipped plates. We even have a solution for printing shaped plate versions. Our design software and printing systems have been designed to use our own blank media.

The printers we use in our systems are modified with settings specifically written to perform best on either our coated film or reflective sheets.
If you have a Tennants Printer or System you should be using Our Number Plate Media.

We only sell number plate media to suppliers who are DVLA registered and have a RNPS ID number.

Below you will find links to our complete number plate media organised by size for suppliers.
And an explanation of our media part systems, used for number plate self assembly media.

Note Our clear film is coated on both sides, so either side can be used for printing on.

Plate and Sign Media Sizes
Our Part Systems