Plate Systems

Number Plate Systems

Our LG Plate systems and kits streamline road legal number plate production, offering a choice of solutions to choose between.

Our plate kits contain our design software as well as a laser printer, firmware modified to print on our own media.
This means the software still needs to be installled and configured locally before use.

When you choose a complete system, with the software and printer you also receive a plates system laptop.
On the laptop the design software comes pre-installed and configured for immediate use.

Image showing LG Plates system components with a laptop
Plates Software

LG Plates design software streamlines road legal number plate production. Layout presets mean that in just a few mouse clicks a fully UK compliant plate can be designed.

Modified Printer

The colour printers used for our systems are firmware modified by us, enabling them to print on our coated film and reflective sheets.

Plates System Laptop

The laptops included in our complete plate systems come with an OS and your sofware pre-installed and ready for immediate use.

Note: We only suppport and guarantee print results with our systems when genuine consumables are used.
Most print issues we encounter are down to the use of compatible toners.

We require a valid RNPS ID number to purchase our number plate kits and systems.
Please enter your number during the checkout process (@ invoice address).

All UK number plates suppliers registered with the DVLA are given a RNPS ID number
You can find more information on registering on this DVLA Application Form and Information page.

Trade Number Plates kits and systems

Picture of Tennants UK OKI014 Laser_printer, reference part number:OKI014

654.00 inc VAT

Trade Number Plate Printing Kit - OKI014

Number plate printing kit
Modified OKI printer
LG Plates software
Feed tray + USB cable
Installation (if required)

Picture of Laser Graphic Systems OKI014L Laser_printer, reference part number:OKI014L

894.00 inc VAT

Trade Number Plate Printing System - OKI014L

Number plate printing system
Modified OKI printer
LG Plates software
Laptop with OS and LG software
Feed tray + USB cable
Installation (if required)

Plates Laptop with windows and lg plates

Picture of Laser Graphic Systems LGLAPPL Laptop, reference part number:LGLAPPL

264.00 inc VAT

LG Plates Laptop - LGLAPPL

Refurbished Laptop Pre-Loaded with LG Plates Software
LG Software and Printer Drivers Pre-Installed
LG Licence NOT Included
Laptop Has Windows OS
Laptop Specification Varies