Plates Installation

Quick Install - Guide

Below are quick install notes to act as a guide for the software installation, includes software dependencies.
Note: Working web browser required for installation only, Internet connectivity is not required for software function.

A complete installation guide, including folder locations and un-installation instructions, can be found on the installation disc (pdf reader required).

Installation Disc

Insert the software disc and select run if you have auto-run turned off.

Install Printer Drivers

Ensure printer is connected to the computer and load the printer drivers found on the installation disc.

Install .net

Install the .net framework from the installation disc. The software requires .net to function and should be installed first.

Install Plates Software

Run the installer for the plates software and install required elements.


Reboot your computer, this allows the new software and services to be installed and configured correctly.

Activate Software

Before you can save a design or print out a number plate you will have to activate your software. Contact our support for your new activation key.

LG Plates Tour

A tour of the software functions can be found using the link below.
It shows the softwares split screen display with the settings on top and the plate preview below.

LG Plates Tour