Plates Upgrade

Image showing LG Plates running on a laptop
LG Plates Upgrades

If you are running an older version of our plates software upgrading may interest you.
Newer versions include support for our latest modified printers and installation on more versions of Windows.

Also if you have misplaced your LG Plates software disc we can send a replacement.

Both options require an existing and activated licence key.

Plates Software Upgrade

Picture of the Tennants UK LGPUPG Productivity_software LGPUPG

58.80 inc VAT

LG Plates Software Upgrade - LGPUPG

Upgrades older LG Plates software to the current version
Upgrade requires existing licence key

Plates Lost Disc Replacement

Picture of the Tennants UK LGSSWRREPLCD Productivity_software LGSSWRREPLCD

9.00 inc VAT

LG Software Replacement Disc - LGSSWRREPLCD

Replacement for lost LG software disc
Requires existing licence key