Sign Systems

Sign Systems with Plates

Our Sign Systems allow users to manipulate multiple elements to create bespoke safety signs, show plates and classic plates.
They feature our signs software bundle which includes LG Signs, LG Plates and a number plate entitlement recording system.
All the models in this range deliver full colour printing onto film and can use a hundred different sizes.

Enhancing the base features of our number plate systems these systems allow designs that aren't just road legal.
And our latest range of modified printers are modern machines that deliver fast, low costs prints.

Alternately pick up one of our signs laptops, where the design software comes already installed and configured.
The laptops are ready for immediate use but do require the LG licence from your system and phone activation.

Image showing a sign and number plate printing system with a laptop running LG Signs

Note: We only suppport and guarantee our systems when using genuine consumables.
We require a valid DVLA RNPS ID number to purchase our number plate kits and systems.

Trade Signs & Number Plate Printing

Picture of Tennants UK oki532s , reference part number:oki532s

834.00 inc VAT

Trade Signs & Plates System - oki532s

Trade Level Signs and Plates System
Prints Colour onto Film Sheets

Modified OKI C532 Printer
LG Signs & Plates Software
Feed Tray + USB Cable

Pro Signs & Number Plate Printing

Pro Number Plate and Sign Printing System

Pro Number Plate Printing System

Our Pro Sign and Number Plate Systems produce safety signs, show plates and road legal number plates in vibrant full colour including white. These high end printers have specialist settings optimised for printing on film or reflective sheets.
The Pro systems are designed to produce large volumes of number plates in repeatable ultra high quality.

Exclusive to Tennants interested parties are invited to book a DEMO to see these pro systems in action. Just email us your details or phone us to find out more.

Signs Laptop with LG Signs

Picture of Laser Graphic Systems LGLAPSI Laptop, reference part number:LGLAPSI

264.00 inc VAT

LG Signs Laptop - LGLAPSI

Refurbished Laptop Pre-Loaded with LG Signs & LG Plates

LG Software and Printer Drivers Pre-Installed
LG Licence NOT Included
Laptop Has Windows OS
Laptop Specification Varies

Installation Service

Picture of Tennants UK LGINST Productivity_software, reference part number:LGINST

180.00 inc VAT

LG Installation Service - LGINST

Installation Service
On-Site or Remote Install
Number Plate Printers Set-Up
LG Software Configured
System & Software Training