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Trade Number Plate Systems

All Plate Sizes with Colour Elements

Our Trade Number Plate Systems have been designed to elevate every aspect of number plate production. Their modern LED printers deliver fast print speeds and low costs per plate. They are a peerless solution for the standard automotive supplier with features that simplify and streamline design while remaining BSAU145d compliant.

A choice between film or reflective printing is available with either method easily surpassing competitive systems. With support for over a hundred different plate sizes including shaped and custom plate sizes. All new trade systems are covered by our full technical support in the unlikely event of any issues being experienced.

Picture of a Trade Number Plate Systems

These trade systems offer a solution that can not only produce oblong, 4 by 4 and motorbike plates, but offers support for a hundred other sizes as well. The Film Series offers the chance to inject colour into plate designs, allowing suppliers to match their branding. Reflective models deliver high quality printing but using black only, but boast far less defects than any thermal solution.

Suppliers can Request a Demo of the Trade series and see them in operation. Available to Buy Online you can call, email or use the contact form to request for more information.

Quick Features

Our Trade number plate systems produce BSAU145d compliant plates with all the features the automotive industry expects and demands. An upgrade is available for suppliers who don't just want to make legal plates. The Signs upgrade enables the systems to produce show-room, classic and custom plates with safety signs as well.


The Trade series make number plates that are compliant for BSAU145d regulations


Utilises software that streamlines production, using positioning based on plate size


Elements are sized, spaced and automatically put into their compliant locations


Using just two media pieces per plate helps this series make low cost number plates

The Film series makes number plates by printing directly onto film which is then combined with a rigid reflective. Reflective models make number plates by printing directly onto reflective which is then combined with a clear acrylic. Both methods uses just two pieces of blank media helping these systems to produce quick and cheap number plates.

Our Trade Number Plate Systems

Each trade system includes our software suite which includes LG Plates, our number plate software and a document recording system for number plate entitlement information. Any power, network or USB printer cables are also provided. The major role is given to the modified printer, which comes with an extended feed tray for number plate media. Dependent on the model, its OKI C532 LED printer will have been specifically configured to print onto film or reflective. Purchasing this series from Tennants UK gets you on-site installation and training, remote support assistance and preferential customer support.

Trade Number Plate System with Film Printing

LG Plates Laptop

Number Plate Media Feed Tray

USB Printer Cable

Install and User Guides

With a full set of new consumables these systems will produce approximately 1,200 plates, based on 17% coverage. Printers in new trade systems are all new machines and come with starter toners with lower yields.

Trade series printers are modified with settings designed to work their owners specific media choice. For these settings to work they require a predictable toner mix. Using compatible toners stops our printer modifications from working correctly. Compatibles do not contain the same content as originals. They may not print at the required temperatures. And they may not print the full length of a number plate.

Trade Series Printers require genuine consumables, so use Genuine Toners


Number Plate Software

LG Plates Running On A Laptop

The trade number plate systems come with a fully licenced copy of LG Plates our number plate design and production software. LG Plates features pre-set templates with settings to cover number plate compliancy requirements for the UK. Also included is an entitlement recording option, which uses a local database to store plate and customer details.

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Designed for Our Media

Orafol Number Plate Media

Whether using film or reflective printing our matched media systems gives suppliers the confidence that number plates made using Trade systems and our media are British Standard compliant.


Self Assembly Number Plates

Alignment jig and rollers are used for the assembly of our number plate media. A plate is assembled by placing the printed media on top of its counterpart and removing the contact paper from the adhesive.


Our Trade Number Plate Systems

Trade Film Printing System

Trade Film Series

for Plates and Signs

Our trade film series are configured to print LG Plates designs onto clear film sheets. They support the LG Signs upgrade, which enables them to produce show-room, classic and custom plates. An OKI C532 printer is included and this has been specifically modified for our film media. Film printing allows number plate designs that include colour elements, permitting suppliers to match their number plates with their own branding.

Trade Reflective Printing System

Trade Reflective Series

for Legal Plates

The trade reflective series makes plates by printing LG Plates designs directly onto reflective. The system uses a specially modified OKI C532 printer with updated firmware and special media settings. Printing on reflective produces quick, low cost number plates but designs can only use black. This means they are a suitable replacement for thermal models, offering similar output but with plate higher volumes.

Also Available

Budget Series

The Budget series prints no-frills, road legal number plates using thermal technology in one size


Pro Series

Our flagship Pro series prints number plates and signs of any size and in any colour including white


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Choose between our number plate printing systems, we provide a range of solutions that suit the occasional supplier or even higher volume producers.

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