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Trade Number Plate Systems

make Number Plates For Any Vehicle

Our Trade Number Plate Systems elevate every aspect of plate production, this modern solution provides a low cost way of making number plates for any vehicle. It’s this fully featured capability which makes them suitable for any dealer, motor factor and number plate manufacturer.

Trade systems make a hundred different number plate sizes and support a wide range of shapes and even lipped plates. Their design software automates layout compliance along with providing a means to record entitlement details. Modern LED printers offer increases in output volumes and the choice of film printing, which allows suppliers to use colour branding.

Picture of a Trade Number Plate Systems

Operators will make finished number plates in just minutes by using a simple 3 step process of design, print and assemble. Completed plates are made by combining clear film with a reflective plate, this matched media pairing ensures they meet British Standards. System capability can be increased via a software upgrade which allows the production of non-legal show-room, classic and custom number plates.

Looking for a fully featured number plate printing solution? Let the Trade Number Plate Systems drive your production forward.

Interested in our Trade Number Plate Systems

Ownership comes with multiple benefits, including access to our expert technical support and industry knowledge. These systems come with limited on-site support but have remote technical assistance for a multi-year period. An online account provides access to the Tennants UK shop and this permits blank plate media to be ordered 24/7. Our plate media services provide access to supplier branded blanks and lipped media, fees apply for extra services not included with system bundles.

DVLA registered suppliers interested in these systems can Request a Demo and see them in operation. Just call our number plates division on 0115 9738080 or Email us with your request, alternately just use the form at the bottom of this page. Our trade systems are available to Buy Online if you have a RNPS number or a shop account.

By joining our number plate family you’ll find we do more than just provide printers. Our relationship with industry regulators has helped us keep our customer base safe, legal and satisfied for over half a century. This is why our most successful clients are some of the most profitable number plate businesses in the UK.

Below you can find more information on the components and features that make up our Trade Number Plate Systems

Number Plate Design & Production Software

LG Plates software helps with oblong number plate layout compliance in Trade Number Plate Systems

Each Trade system comes with our legal software suite, its features simplify and streamline number plate design while still remaining compliant with BSAU145d.

Using LG Plates to design a road legal number plate is straight forward. Built in templates automatically fulfill requirements for registration placement, font type, size and spacing.

Changing number plate size means the software automatically adjusts the registration’s layout so it remains compliant.

Optional design choices allow the selection of side badges, coach lines and supplier logos, all of which can be in colour to match branding.

Trade Number Plate System have LG Plates for motorbike layout compliance
LG Plates comes with an integrated number plate builder

LG Plates has a plates builder to hold all design options in one accessible location. A text field is used to enter the registration number with check boxes largely used for optional choices, with only legally compliant options available. Operators can choose between a text or image supplier identifier and include a coach line. Supported plate templates enable the use of lip images and allow changing with the lip background in the preview panel. Comma separating registration numbers allows batch runs to be processed for faster production.

LG Plates now comes with a working RNPS recording facility

LG Plates also comes with an integrated RNPS Log facility to help suppliers keep accurate records of all the plates they’ve made. Cycling through the content tabs allows users to input their sales information along with the customer proofs and the number plates details. This extra feature can be deactivated and turned-off for organisations that have their own recording systems.

Trade systems using film printing are also compatible with the LG Signs upgrade. The upgrade enhances the base features of our plates software and allows users to make designs that aren’t just road legal number plates. It gives users more freedom to produce classic black and silver number plates, promotional and demonstration plates for showrooms or forecourts and a full range of health & safety, office and way-finding signs.

Modern Printers

A OKI C532 Printers used within the Trade Number Plate Systems

These systems include a modified OKI C532 printer specifically configured to print onto blank plate media. We believe these modern LED machines offer the largest range of capability, especially when printing in colour onto clear film.

Fed with single sheets via the front multipurpose tray, they make ultra high definition number plates. With a full set of new toner cartridges they produce approximately 1,200 number plates, based on 17% coverage per plate.

Film printing doesn’t just make number plates that can feature coloured elements and branding, it also allows the production of shaped plates and over a hundred different sizes. Printing on film is also a requirement of the signs software upgrade, due to its need for colour printing.

A sample of our supported shaped number plate sizes

Matched Media

A Jig and Roller with film number plate media being assembled

Trade systems are designed for our film media system. The film system makes number plates by combining a printed clear film sheet with a rigid reflective plate when assembling.

An alternate media choice is available, the reflective system where printed reflective sheets are paired with acrylic faces. Using reflective with the Trade systems offers a higher quality finish than thermal systems but it's still limited to printing black.

Both media systems use matched media, this is where pairs of components are combined together to make a number plate that meets the British Standard.

Our Trade Number Plate Systems

Each Trade System comes with our legal software suite which bundles a plate builder with a document recording facility. Any power, network or USB printer cables needed are provided. The modified LED printer from OKI comes with an extended feed tray for number plate media and has settings configured for blank number plate media.

Trade Number Plate System with Film Printing

LG Software

Number Plate Media Feed Tray

USB Printer Cable

Install and User Guides

Our printers have modifications designed for specific number plate media and original manufacturer toners. Their settings require this predictability to function correctly, using other brands introduces elements we can't predict or control. Using non-approved media and consumables can result in registrations not being the correct opacity or prints not bonding with the media surface. Both these issues can affect the legality of a finished number plate.

Trade Series Printers require genuine consumables be used to produce BSAU145d compliant plates.

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