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Founded over 50 years ago supplying number plates to the East Midlands motor trade. We have evolved into a major supplier of reflective products to the UK’s automotive, highways and transport industries. Our continued innovation and development ensures we push those sectors forward, while maintaining standards and meeting regulations.

Retaining family owned ethics and valuing customer service, our mission is to be the most reliable supplier on the market. We strive to build closer partnerships, support our customers and apply the best possible service via our divisions.

Tennants Divisions


Providing the motor industry with production solutions and integrated services.


Delivering a competitive one stop shop for traffic signs, equipment and accessories.


Distributing a huge range of reflective rolls and sign making materials fit for any project.

Number Plate Production Storage
Reflective Solutions Warehouse
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Our Company

Time to Reflect

We believe in delivering a reliable and responsive service. And as a result, earning customers trust by supplying them with products fit for purpose. Our in-house facilities and global partnerships enable us to grow while keeping end prices competitive.

Focusing on reflective goods and services means we contribute to keeping Britain safe, moving and visible.

Clients & Customers

Partners, Memberships & Accreditations

Since 2007, we have successfully distributed and promoted the ORAFOL® range of reflective products to the UK.

Our partnership with OKI gives us access to their expertise, enabling us to produce first class printing solutions.

We’re a founder member and contributor to the BNMA, who support and promote number plate related matters to the government and stakeholders.

Our integrated number plate solutions and media, along with our management and production processes support our compliance with BSAU145d standards.

Folex based in Switzerland and Germany, specialise in the coating of films used by a wide variety industries including our number plate solutions.

Accredited by BSI to ISO 9001:2015 standards, we continue to improve the quality of our products and services through its exacting requirements.

National Highways Sectors Schemes are management schemes for ISO 9001 with specific application to highway maintenance.

As a REMA member we manufacture and supply products which conform to the latest standards, regulations and legislation.

As members of ARTSM we adhere to British and International Standards and are a part of their Working Group 2 for traffic signs.

Our Acillies UVDB qualification proves our capability regarding health, safety, the environment and quality to the utilities industry.

Toennjes based in Germany is the worlds leading supplier of number plate components and provide cutting edge production systems.

Euro Car Parts headquartered in London, distribute a huge range of car parts and accessories from over 200 locations all across the UK.