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For Part 5 of our 6 Part Series on Number Plate Compliance, we provide an at a glance guide to British Standards and Matched Components.

We’re publishing a series of posts, to guide you through basic number plate legality and compliance. For the fifth post, we touch on how using components from one supplier, helps you meet regulations. And allows you to display the BSAU145d accreditation with pride.

An important part of your obligations, is to ensure your number plates meet the Standards and Regulations. These are rules that govern the plates font, size, colour and layout. Together with the plates physical characteristics.

British Standards and Matched Components

The British Standards and Matched Components are covered by these rules. In essence, the laws cover the number plates visibility, strength and reflectivity. Your obligations include making sure your plates meet these regulations. Unless you’re a manufacturer, a third party will supply you with components for making number plates.

Our number plate components are offered as specific matched combinations. And are certified to show they make compliant plates when assembled. But only by using Each Part, can you ensure your plates are legal.

Or put another way, as our customer we Allow you to use our Certification. But only if you’re using our matched components. Stop buying from us, or use someone else’s components and you won’t be covered by our certification. And that will affect your number plates legality.

In fact the best way to ensure you’re covered, is to use our Combined Solutions. Our software handles the format, while the printers and components work to meet the standards.

Like we’ve already said – You Can Trust Tennants on Compliance.