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New British Standard BSAU145e Is Coming Soon to Your Number Plates

It’s been a long time coming, but finally BSAU145e is on the way. The new standard for number plates was published on March 1st 2018. And you should expect it to become law later this year, or early 2019. Compliance for the new format is required within 6 months of it becoming legal. So it is well worth you taking note of the main differences listed below.

Driving the changes is the authorities expanding use of ANPR cameras. Which when coupled with the digitisation of their records, allows them to track vehicle tax, mot and legal status. But to be effective, they need our number plates to be readable by cameras and software. And this new standard achieves that, while cleaning up some of the older grey areas.

Change Highlights

  • Standard Font Only – no 3D, Inline or Carbon versions
  • Supplier Bottom Lines – max height of 10mm, min of 3mm
  • British Standard Number – must be a minimum of 3mm high
  • National Flags – to replace Euro side badges
  • Adhesive Pads – to become fixing of choice
  • Branding – lips and frames are permitted

Our number plates software, will be upgraded to reflect these regulation changes in due course. To comply with the new standard, number plates must also perform in near infra-red. Which means some of your older printers may need replacing, to ensure your plates conform.

We are also testing our plate components to ensure we’ll be ready for the new standard. National Flags is our replacement for the Euro GB, which may be outlawed after Brexit.

BSAU145e Launch Updates

Further updates on the new standard will appear on this blog over the coming months, but in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact Customer Services or your Regional Account Manager with any concerns. Visit these pages often, or check your email if you have subscribed to our newsletter, for up to date news on the new standard.

145e is Delayed
Implementation of the new 145e standard has been delayed until later in 2019. This is due to the DVLA failing to finalise the Statutory Instrument in time for its parliamentary slot. You can read more about the delay to 145e here.

National Flags
Replacement National Flags are now available via the 2.4.7 version of our number plates software. Upgrade now or contact us to get your hands on these legal side badges for number plates – Read more on our replacement National Flags.

Tennants Gain 145e Certification

We are proud to announce that we have achieved certification for BSAU145e, the first number plate supplier to do so. And this reflects our continuing commitment to compliance and is testament to the hard work of our technical team.