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Tennants Central Delivers Data Security

Tennants Central delivers data security via our ISO:27001 Accredited information security management systems.

Access to stored data on Central is restricted using hierarchical roles, secure accounts, and cybersecurity. Central protects your digital information from corruption, theft & unauthorised access. So it’s safely stored & your records can be accessed or presented to authorities when requested.

Data Security Features

  • ISO 27001 security systems for synced records
  • Two-Factor Authorisation for Central accounts
  • Role Base Access Control to limit access to data
  • Enhanced integration with LG Plates Software
  • Facilitates integrated Windows account logins

Synced RNPS Records

Tennants Central offers a key feature of providing cloud backups for your RNPS Logs. Ensuring your number plate records remain accessible and protected from loss. By syncing your plate supply records, managerial oversight becomes possible. Data from multiple locations is combined to provide reports, filterable by location, user, reprints & plate type.

Trust Tennants Central to secure your legally required RNPS records for its mandated period, protected by internationally recognised data security systems. For more posts on our number plate services follow our NP LinkedIn Page.