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Tennants Covid-19 Return to Work Pack helps you to enforce social distancing rules within your premises & parking areas. We’ve produced a selection of special items designed to help you direct and reassure customers at this time.

Certain businesses are preparing to reopen after the lock-down is lifted, our range of products will help keep your staff and customers safe. Please check the website for the latest information on whether your business qualifies to reopen.

Tennants UK - Covid-19 return to work pack


  • Desk & Counter Sneeze Guards
  • Adhesive Floor Stickers
  • Floor Marking Tape
  • Bottles of Hand Sanitiser
  • Rigid Health & Safety Signs
  • Barriers, Tapes & Ropes
  • Car Sanitised Tags
  • Wipe-able Car Sanitised Checklists
  • Traffic & Warning Cones

Freestanding Desk & Counter Sneeze Guards

Introducing our brand new Sneeze Guards, made from clear acrylic. Featuring a service hatch cutout, large enough to pass through documents & payment devices.

They’re lightweight and easy to deploy where you need them. Made from 3mm Acrylic they’re easy to wipe-down and sanitise on a regular basis.

A sneeze screen cutout hatch
Tennants desk and sneeze screen

Are You Ready to Return To Work?

By combining our range of items, you’ll be able to create one-way systems, waiting zones and protect working areas. Each one helping to keep everyone safe. For more information take a look at our Return to Work Brochure with acrylic sneeze guards. Or contact our sales team on 0115 9738080 or email us at

Return to Work Brochure - PDF