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Once again it is time for the annual Easter Egg-Scape for a long weekend at home or away. And if you’re ordering components, don’t forget we’re away too.

Time for the Easter Egg-Scape

For those of you out there who need another reminder of how quickly time is passing, Easter is upon us once again.

However you choose to spend the holiday (eating ill-advised quantities of chocolate, painting eggs, watching biblical epics featuring a three hour running time and Charlton Heston, or sleeping on the airport floor) we have the chance to take it easy for a few days and recharge the batteries.

In the meantime, make sure to stock up on your number plate components – order today to receive plain media before the break and to ensure pre-printed components arrive when you’re back next week (we’ll be away from the office on Good Friday and Easter Monday). So; enjoy, try not to over-indulge, and remember, the paper frills for your crown roast of lamb, aren’t edible and, in fact, are a bit silly, really.