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Once again another EnduraFrame delivery has been despatched, providing more sustainable site signage.

Another EnduraFrame Delivery Sent

EnduraFrame 1500 – Coming to a Site Near You

Another satisfied customer is embracing sustainability with Tennants UK Ltd.

Our latest delivery of EnduraFrame 1500, is perfect for the festival season, reducing carbon footprints and payloads. With its composite build and compact profile, it’s a game-changer for signage transportation, cutting emissions and Scope Three values. Make the switch to EnduraFrame 1500 now and point your business towards a greener future!

Why choose the EnduraFrame 1500?

  • Compact for Transporting
  • Lightweight yet Durable
  • Wind-Resistant Frame
  • Repairable Parts
  • Customisable with Colours & Branding
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

Ensure your business is pointing towards greater sustainability by switching now. For further information, dimensions or enquiries visit our EnduraFrame 1500 webpage. Stay informed about the newest developments and advancements in the realm of Highway Equipment & Reflective by following our freshly re-launched LinkedIn page.