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Environmental Policy Notice

We reach for excellence in every aspect of our business and this includes reducing our impact on the environment. This Environmental Policy Notice is a statement of our intent.

Not only do we provide a safe and healthy work environment for our staff. But we also deliver products and services to our customers throughout the UK. As a result, we touch the lives & communities of many different areas. This notice indicates how we intend to protect the people & areas in which we operate.

On this webpage you will find details of our commitment and the actions we’ve taken. Or you can use the button below to download & save our company’s Environmental Policy Statement.

Awareness & Commitment

Tennants UK are a leading supplier of reflective films, number plate components and road traffic signs. To manufacture our products we use high performance machinery & materials. So we recognise our business inevitably has an impact on the environment. And we have committed to lowering this effect, through improved awareness, alternative sourcing and recycling.

Here are the key causes of our environmental impact and carbon footprint:

  • Electricity, gas & water consumption.
  • Generation of waste materials.
  • Emissions from transport & logistics.
  • Raw materials used in production.
  • Procured goods with existing impact.

But we are acting to lower each one, whilst we conform to our ISO 9001 systems & manufacturing practices.

This list of objectives and goals show how we are putting our commitment into action:

  • Comply with all applicable standards.
  • Implement & monitor conservation methods.
  • Apply a waste and recycling policy.
  • Source alternatives where possible.
  • Encourage 3rd parties to lower their impact.

By protecting the environment and well being of our community, our company ties are strengthened.

Actions We’ve Taken

To improve our sustainability and lower our footprint, we operate an ISO 14001:2015 Certified framework. Under its guidance we’ve changed many of our operational and disposal processes for greener alternatives. Such as switching to electricity from renewable sources and recycling all our paper, cardboard, plastic and metal waste. Which is so successful that we now send Zero Waste to Landfill.

Alongside our internal improvements, we have also released more environmentally-friendly products. Including Enviroplate a durable sign substrate, and a modular Post-System for temporary road-signs. That are not only made from recycled materials but provide a longer-life and increased performance. And the Oralite Reflective we distribute is produced at one of the Greenest Facilities we know of.

Improvement & Review

To generate and sustain improvement, we have enacted a “Plan, Do, Check & Act” cycle. We believe it is critical to ensure we identify problems and apply effective solutions. And this model helps us to put robust controls into place to limit our impact. Or in the case of our energy policy, lower our use & emissions.

In addition to this, we also operate an ISO 9001 Quality Management System. These systems all work together to improve the efficiency and quality of our entire business operation. Not only providing us with a structure designed to reduce our environmental effect. But also supplying us with details on areas we can target for future improvement. Everyone at Tennants is committed to the implementation of these policies.

Tennants UK Ltd – 2023

This webpage is part of our Sustainability section.