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Our sign substrate Enviroplate gains admirers as it paves the way towards more Eco-Friendly highways.

Our Sign Substrate Enviroplate Gains Admirers

We recently got a glowing testimonial from HW Martin about Enviroplate, our sign substrate. As you can see below, after switching to it for their streetwork signs they’re really impressed with its durability.

In fact, Enviroplate gains admirers whenever its used because its strong, flexible and recyclable. Which means it last longer and is able to withstand deployment & on-site conditions.

“In conjunction with Tennants UK, the sole supplier of Enviroplate, HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd has adopted this reground and sustainable sign plate that is not only a more durable composite and polyplate, but is also safer with a smoother edge and non-glass fibre finish. This unique product has been termed ‘the plate that lasts twice as long out on the roads than traditional signs’ by our customers as well! Enviroplate 100% recycled sign substrate is also available in a 4mm thickness for low speed, and a 5mm thickness for highspeed.”

HW Martin Ltd