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Freecycle your waste and stay compliant with Tennants UK’s free Number Plate Recycling Service.

From April 1st 2023, non-domestic premises in Wales must comply with new recycling regulations. Including separating metal, glass and specific plastics from other recyclables. Which means your old plastic number plates and components are excluded from recycling. And so they must be put into general waste instead or disposed of separately.

While Wales are leading the way, consultations have been held and trials are underway in England. So we envision this regulation will soon apply nationwide.

Freecycle not Landfill

Tennants UK now offers a comprehensive number plate recycling service for our customers. Which is currently free for the first 10 member sign-ups, terms and conditions do apply. Our recycling service includes a bin and collection once it has been filled. Your plates are then sorted and then sent to be processed into raw materials – Recycling Flyer. Thus creating a closed loop instead of them being incinerated or sent to landfill.

So comply with the incoming regulations and contribute to a sustainable future by partnering with us.