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Happy Birthday to Our LG-Plates Software

It’s 20 years since Tennants’ number plate making software, LG Plates was launched, along with LG Signs, it’s sign-making sister package. Okay, so we weren’t exactly creative with our product names back in 2002, but glancing at the annals of history, it was pretty a great year all round.

LG Plates and Signs shares it’s birthday with BBC6 Music and The Imperial War Museum, Spider-Man and the latest Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter episodes dominated the box office. And we rushed out to buy albums by Coldplay, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Norah Jones. The foot and mouth crisis officially ended, England reached the quarter final of the 2002 World Cup and it was the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

What a year, eh?
(Also; there are apparently some celebrities who turn 20 this year, but your faithful correspondent is too old to recognise any of them.)