With the gusto of Henry Hewetson and foresight of Arnold, the chairman of Tennants UK nurtured a prominent relationship with Orafol that still stands today.

Henry Hewetson

It was a humble tea & coffee merchant that introduced England to the first petrol driven car in 1894. When Henry Hewetson was on a visit to Mannheim he was so impressed by Carl Benz’s Patent Motorwagen that he immediately ordered a two-seater model. His fervour for the automobile became so infectious his business partner Walter Arnold couldn’t help resist investing in this promising new venture.


Henry and Walter became the English concessionaire for Benz cars in the beginning of 1895. They commenced trading as the Arnold Motor Carriage Co in Mark Lane, London, subsequently registered as Hewetsons.

In 1896 The Motor Show exhibited horseless carriages, both electric and oil vehicles attended with pros and cons respectively. But it would be the petroleum fuelled vehicle, however, that took the world by storm.

The show was also responsible for introducing Daimler’s first British built motor carriage, the forerunner of modern day cars.

Just like Henry Hewetson, our need to find the best reflective product for the automotive and signs industry led us to Germany. Nestled within the beautiful countryside of Oranienburg, we witnessed a technology like no other. We were so excited by the potential of Orafol’s reflective that we couldn’t wait to push it to the UK market, establishing a relationship with them that still exists today.

Now, we are the Master Distributor of Oralite Reflective and not only do we supply plate components especially designed for number plates printing but we also push some of the most competitive vinyl, tapes, chevron and highway equipment to the signs industry from our Reflective Solutions Division.