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Enviroplate Substrate

A greener, more durable substrate

Road Sign made with Enviroplate

Reduce the Cost of Your Streetwork Signs by Switching to a More Durable Substrate

We helped develop Enviroplate as a greener substrate for Quick-Lock Posts and Temporary Signs. And it’s so good, we believe it makes some substrates obsolete. Because not only is it more durable and unlikely to break or bend out of shape. Which means signs last longer and are able to withstand deployment & on-site conditions. But it’s also made from 100% recycled materials that can be reclaimed and reused. So it lowers your costs and environmental impact too.


Resistant to bending, breaking & corrosion.


Produces clean edges when cut, drilled or engraved.


A 100% recycled substrate that is recyclable.


Significantly lowers transportation emissions.

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Enviroplate Durability

Make & Deploy Signs That Last

Enviroplate is our answer to temporary signs biggest problem, the substrate. Whatever you use, it struggles to cope with regular transport & on-site handling. Since it’s more durable than GRPolyplate and Composite, Enviroplate wont bend & damage your sign faces. And it’s resistant to standard impacts, chemicals and weathering. So your signs remain legible and effective for much longer too.

As a result of its dense structure, it’s highly resistant to the elements & will not breakdown and crumble. This also means it produces clean edges when cut, drilled and engraved. So you wont need to use brass eyelets for Quick-Fit toggle points.


Impact & Stress Resistant

Strong and Durable


Clean Cut & Will Not Fray

Will Not Fray & Clean Cut by CNC Bits


Recycled & Recyclable

A Circular Product


Low Carbon Footprint

A UK Sourced Material
Tennants Highways Equipment includes Quick-Lock Posts and Cone Reflectors

Highways Safety Devices

As a Polypropylene Copolymer (PPC), Enviroplate is softer than general purpose homopolymers. But with better impact, higher stress and low temperature resistances. Moreover, polypropylene’s offer a combination of outstanding physical, mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties.

These traits also make it ideal for Highways Safety products like our Quick-Lock Posts & Cone Reflectors. Sheets can be laser-cut and routed, or thermally heated and folded to make products. And it’s compatible with Oralite Reflective films, used for common safety devices.

Enviroplate Specs

Polypropylene Copolymer
4mm & 5mm
Sheet Size
2440x1220mm | 3050x1525mm
Black - Semi-Matt
Smooth - Surface Varies by Batch
100% Recycled Material
Physical Properties
1.08 g/cm3 - ISO 1183
Tensile Strength
35 MPa - ISO 527
Heat Distortion HDT-A
86°C - ISO 75
Flammability Rating
HB - UL94
Moisture Absorption
Direct Printing
Requires Corona-Treating or Priming
Mould Shrinkage
UV Stabilisation

“...In conjunction with Tennants UK, the sole supplier of Enviroplate, HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd has adopted this reground and sustainable sign plate that is not only more durable than composite and polyplate, but is also safer with a smoother edge and non-glass fibre finish...”

HW Martin Ltd

Downloads Sheets & Guides

For more details on this product, take a look at the PDF sheets, guides & pages below. Please note the PDF’s are reduced in size for the Web, larger high-quality versions are available.

Enviroplate Durability - Video
Product Flyer (web)
Spec Sheet
Case Study

Switch to Enviroplate For a More Viable & Greener Substrate Solution

Try a more sustainable temporary sign substrate that provides a greater return on cost. Enviroplate signs flex without breaking and generally last longer than the alternatives. But its most important value, is its fully recyclable green credentials.




For more on our Enviroplate Substrate, contact your account manager or get in touch. Contact us on 0115 9738088 or email Otherwise fill in the quick contact form above with your details.

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