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Permanent Traffic Signs

Order Permanent Traffic Signs but with efficient pricing across the range.

Save on Permanent Traffic Signs that Do Not Compromise on Quality

Any work you do on the National Highways is strictly regulated and time sensitive. Not to mention cost conscious, since your projects often run on public funding. As a result you need your traffic sign supply to be affordable, yet still be compliant & high quality.

For these reasons, Tennants are a perfect permanent traffic sign supplier. Because by using Oralite Films, our signs are compliant and competitively priced. And our modern facilities are optimised for a printed workflow. So we provide a fast turnaround on orders, whatever grade you choose.

Quality Traffic Signs

No matter which type of traffic signs you require, we’ve got you covered. Since we provide gantry and roadside regulatory or warning signs. As well as direction and information signs for retail areas or parks. And our production controls ensure your signs quality, every time.

  • We design our signs in accordance with TSRGD.
  • And operate ISO:9001 quality controlled facilities.
  • Using Oralite glass bead and prismatic materials.
  • Then we UKCA mark or label any relevant items.
  • Which incorporates NHSS & CE marking requirements.

Fully Compliant Materials

For our sign faces we use Oralite and its complete ecosystem. Not only does this provides us with fully compatible films and overlays. But also means it’s pre-tested and certified to UK & European standards. Yet it’s still cost-effective for its quality, so you save on every single sign.

  • Pick from a complete ecosystem of RA1 to R3C Materials.
  • That are accredited for UKCA and EN12899-1 signs.
  • And have a fully compatible range of overlays.
  • Which includes Anti-Graffiti and Anti-Dew.
  • To say nothing of being optimised for traffic signage.

Designed for You & Configured to Conform

Expert Production & Supply

Based in Nottingham, we’re one of the UK’s leading suppliers of traffic signs & equipment. This position is a result of our experience and expertise, alongside our state of the art manufacturing facilities. Not to mention our proud status as the UK Master Distributor for Oralite Reflective Sheeting.

As such, you can rely on us to provide a complete service. Which includes ensuring you comply to all appropriate standards and offering quality at a competitive price. If needed, we can even help you with design and consultation. Providing advice on associated compatible products that will conform accurately to any given specification.

Getting You Off the Ground – Literally

In addition to sign plates, we also offer a full range of supports and fixings. From galvanised posts in a variety of sections and lengths, to passively safe structures. All support items come with compatible fixings, to ensure piece of mind once your display is in situ.

Sign Handling & Storage

Tennants road traffic signs are all made in our quality controlled sign-shop. Whether you have ordered sign-faces or a complete display, you will want to ensures it remains in top condition. Below you will find a couple of guides on handling & storage procedures we recommend for our customers.

Orders, Packaging & MarkingsSign Handling & Storage

Oralite Films Permanent Traffic Signs

When we make our permanent traffic signs we use 7 to 12 year UKCA certified Oralite Reflective. This includes Engineer Grade RA1 Glass Bead all the way up to Brilliant Grade R3C Prismatic films. For details of each film we use try our Oralite Catalogue or click the buttons below for a Product-Page or Spec-Sheet.

Oralite 6910 Brilliant Grade
Oralite 9910 Brilliant Grade Premium
Oralite 5810 Hi-Intensity Grade
Oralite 5830 Hi-intensity Grade Hi-Tak
Oralite 5910 Hi-intensity Prismatic Grade
Oralite 5510 Engineer Grade
Oralite 5710 Engineer Grade Premium
Oralite 5061 Transparent Film
Oralite 5090 Anti-Dew Film
Oralite 5095 Anti-Graffiti Film

Order Permanent Traffic Signs to Any Standard You Specify

Try permanent traffic signs made with materials that fully comply with national standards. Select any specification you want, including a choice of protective overlay. But save on costs, thanks to our affordable pricing right across the range.




For pricing or information on our products or services, just drop us a line. Either call us on 0115 9738088 or email Otherwise fill in the quick contact form above with your enquiry details.

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