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Quick-Lock Post & Signs System

A hot-swap, weight-saving and recyclable sign system.

Quick-Lock Post System - Men at Work 7001 Sign

Revolutionary Street-Work Signs Free from the Burden of Bulky Frames & Sandbags

Introducing the Quick-Lock Post & Signs System, a game-changing solution for Urban and Streetwork Schemes. Providing more visible, vertical signs than metal frames, alongside hot-swappable sign faces. And replacing sandbags with a reusable sealed & weighted base. This completely modular sign system utilises parts manufactured from recycled materials. Delivering increased sustainability from being both repairable and recyclable. Alongside weight-savings, that really lower your transport and deployment costs. Combining into a signs solution that helps towards meeting your ESG targets.


Easy to Transport, Configure & Assemble.


With Quick-Lock Toggles & Slotted Posts.


Hi-Vis Vertical Posts offer Improved Clarity.


Recyclable Sign Plates, Slotted Post & Base.


Approx. 21kg per Sign, includes 18kg Base.

Modern, Durable & Innovative

Modernise your worksites with our Quick-Lock Post & Signs System. And utilise recyclable equipment that benefits safety as much as the environment. Being a modular system, it’s configurable for each site and is deployed tool-free. Display signs you can hot-swap in seconds, but last for years thanks to our Enviroplate substrate. Employ vertical posts and weighted bases that are both compact and eliminate sandbags. For additional safety, weighted bases can be double-stacked as our Wind Loading tests show.

Note: Our wind loading tests were undertaken in accordance with BS 8442:2022 Appendix C. And were based on the maximum expected winds for urban and rural areas in all but the most severe conditions.


Tool Free Assembly

Tool Free Assembly


Hot-Swap Sign Plates

Drop to Lock Signs


Sandbag Free Signs

Sandbag Free Sign Assembly


Reduced Trip Hazard

Small Footprint

Weight Saving Signs

Alongside improving sign assembly and durability on-site, we focused on weight-savings. Because lighter signs will lower your site’s deployment costs. Not to mention reducing its overall impact on the environment. The table below shows the savings based on standard Site Schemes. The results show most installations can be done by one vehicle. Instead of using multiple teams or trips, cutting labour and fuel costs. As this Case-Study’s results show, the effects are wide-ranging and impressive.

Site Scheme Metal Frame & Sandbags - kg Quick-Lock Post & Base - kg Weight Savings
2 Way Lights 30mph 867 721 146kg / 17%
3 Way Lights 30mph 1262 1037 225kg / 18%
4 Way Lights 30mph 1655 1433 222kg / 13%
Road Closure & Diversion - 20 Signs 870 605 265kg / 30%
Road Closure & Diversion - 30 Signs 1210 813 397kg / 33%

“After looking at the new signs, I would like to say how impressed I am with the design and ease of use. They fit well on the highway and I believe will allow for equipment to be moved and carried around the network more easily, thus allowing quicker and safer deployment on site. I am pleased to see that a traffic management company is trying to change the status quo for the better, to benefit drivers and pedestrians using our busy road network.”

North Lincolnshire CouncilNetwork Manager

Specification Product Components

Sign Plates

Our sign plates use Enviroplate substrate, because it can withstand transport and handling without breaking. And it’s highly resistant to bending out of shape, so your signs last twice as long. For fast tool-less assembly, we fit plastic Lugs onto the rear to match our posts.

  • Material: Enviroplate – Polypropylene Copolymer
  • Max Size: 750mm Circle/Triangle & 1050mm Rectangle
  • Fittings: Quick-Lock Toggles or Lugs
  • Safety: Sign Substrate Does not Swell, Split or Fray
  • Sustainability: Made from Recycled & Reclaimable Materials
  • Sign Faces: Using Pre-printed Oralite Reflective

Slotted Post

The Slotted Post displays signs vertically, for increased visibility & a smaller footprint. To mount a sign, simply insert the Lugs into the keyholes and push down to lock it in place. For extra security, each post can be attached to the base using a metal pin.

  • Material: Recycled PVC in a Hi-Vis Yellow
  • Size: 60x60mm Post in 1/1.5/2/2.5m Lengths
  • Features: Cut Keyholes for Quick-Lock Lugs
  • Safety: Detaches & Deforms on Impact
  • Sustainability: PVC Can be Reground or Recycled

Weighted Base

For stability, the assembly uses a solid sealed base that provides a guaranteed weight. As a result, you get a reusable ballast that’s durable & does not need re-filling. And increased sustainability, since it’s made from recycled materials that can be reclaimed.

  • Material: Recycled Thermoplastic Base
  • Weight: 9kg or 18kg Ballast Bases
  • Size: 410x410mm or 595x390mm
  • Features: 62mm Post Hole & Carry Handles
  • Safety: Low Profile & Can Be Driven Over

Downloads Sheets & Guides

For more details on this product, take a look at the sheets, guides & webpages below.

Product Sheet
Assembly Guide
Wind Loading & Ballasts
Case Study
Enviroplate Substrate - Specification

Reduce Your Worksite Costs with Modern, Sustainable Streetwork Signs

Switch to the Quick-Lock Post & Signs System, for a modular solution that provides savings on deployment & assembly costs. As well as lowering your environmental impact, thanks to parts that are reusable, last longer and are recyclable.




For more on the Quick-Lock Post System, contact your account manager or get in touch. Contact us on 0115 9738088 or email Otherwise fill in the quick contact form above with your details.

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