Buy Temporary Road Signs You Configure

Buying from Tennants means you can tailor your temporary road signs to meet your project needs and budget.

Order Temporary Road Signs that are Made to Your Specification

Just like the roads you operate on, the highways industry is fast-paced and time sensitive. Not to mention cost conscious, since your projects often run on tight budgets and to set deadlines. As a result your sign supply needs to be affordable, yet come with realistic lead-times.

For this reason, our temporary signs are created with both durability and economy in mind. To achieve this, we utilise Oralite materials for their reliability and standards compliance. And we run a quality accredited production facility, optimised for a printed reflective workflow. So we can produce road work signs quickly, but with your chosen balance of performance and price.

Oralite Faced Signs

Tailor your temporary road signs grade so it meets your projects needs & budget. Whether it’s signs for street works, traffic cones or quick fit units for high-speed carriageways, we make them all. Which includes courtesy signs with bespoke diagrams & text. And we deliver a quick turnaround for all Chapter 8 sign orders.

  • Choose between Non-reflective, RA1 and RA2 materials.
  • Which offer you compliance from street to high speed roads.
  • And mounted on your choice of suitable sign substrate.
  • Configure your signs to fit on frames or on traffic cones.
  • Using fixings that include cone straps, rivets, clips and toggles.
  • Then brand your signs using tags, labels or rear engraving.

Your Choice of Sign Substrate

Whether you want a hard wearing sign substrate or a low cost plastic panel, we can provide it. In fact we carry all the common sign substrates, from fluted Corex to Zintec steel and Aluminium composite. And don’t forget our own DURAPlate, which makes GRP Poly obsolete.

  • Corex – fluted or corrugated plastic sheet.
  • Foamex – paper lined foam boarding.
  • Black Plastic – rigid PVC plastic boards.
  • DURAPlate – 5mm thick polypropylene copolymer sheet.
  • GRP Poly – glass reinforced plastic panels.
  • Zintec – electro-zinc coated steel sheet.
  • Aluminium Composite – plastic core sandwiched by aluminium panels.

Frames for Any Carriageway

For displaying your temporary road signs we have a range of frames suitable for street works. Which come in an array of sizes for rectangular, square and triangular faces with 300mm or 1m legs.

Or there’s our selection of Quick Fit frames, that cover all possible sign configurations. Furthermore their toggles are compatible with a breadth of substrate widths. And you’ll find them quick and easy to assemble, even at hazardous or hi-speed locations.

Road Sign Fixings & Fittings

Of course we also provide everything you need to secure your signs in place. Starting with riveted fabric straps for mounting your signs onto plastic cones. Stainless steel R-Clips or Rivets for use with angle iron frames. And for Quick Fit Frames we offer reinforced eyelets for drilled mounting holes.

Sign Handling & Storage

Tennants road traffic signs are all made in our quality controlled sign-shop. Whether you have ordered sign-faces or a complete display, you will want to ensures it remains in top condition. Below you will find a couple of guides on handling & storage procedures we recommend for our signs.

Temporary Road Sign Materials

We use 3, 4 & 5 year warranted materials from Orafol for our temporary signs. Which includes Construction & Glass Bead RA1 films all the way up to High-Intensity Micro-Prismatic RA2 products. For details of each film we use see our Reflective Solutions or click the buttons below to go straight to the Spec Sheets.

Oralite 5200 Economy Grade
Oralite 5230 Economy Grade Hi-Tak
Oralite 5400 Commercial Grade
Oralite 5430 Commercial Grade Hi-Tak
Oralite 5860 Hi-Intensity Construction Grade
Oralite 5930 Prismatic Construction Grade
Oralite 5960 Hi-Intensity Prismatic Construction Grade
Oralite 5051 Transparent Film
Oralite 5061 Transparent Film
Oralite 5095 Anti-Graffiti Film
Oraguard 290F Transparent Film
Oraguard 293F Transparent Film

Temporary Road Signs Fit for Every Street Works

We provide affordable road signs that you can configure to meet any standard. All thanks to Oralite, which we use for its compliance and durability. So we can tailor our signs to be the perfect solution for your highways project.




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