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EnduraFrame 1500

A light & compact 1.5m quick-fit sign frame.

Reduce Your Signs Deployment Weight with the Compact EnduraFrame 1500

The EnduraFrame 1500 is a composite Mini QuickFit frame that’s compatible with 300mm sign faces. And is designed to be lighter, thinner and more durable than its metal or plastic equivalents. Which means at 5kg it weighs about half that of a metal Chapter-8 sign. Yet it has twice the life expectancy at 4 years, is serviceable & fully recyclable. So you can deploy more signs per-vehicle, complete site installations faster and keep them in operation longer.


Weighs Just 5kg & Folds Down to 38mm Thick.


Twice the Expected Lifetime of Metal Frames.


Replaceable Antiluce Toggles & Spare Parts


EnduraFrame Has a CO2 Equivalent of 23kg.

Sustainable Quick-Fit Frames

Reduce your costs and increase your sustainability with the EnduraFrame 1500. Being light in weight, means it takes less manpower to set-up & maintain. Moreover it’s a sustainable solution, thanks to it being recyclable & having serviceable parts. So it’s easy to keep in operation longer and counts towards your ESG responsibilities.

Since being introduced by Oxford Plastics, EnduraFrame has become a genuine alternative to metal frames. Not only does the weight-saving, slim profile and greater sustainability make a real difference on-site. But the locking-bar makes it more stable & wind-resistant, meaning less fallen signs and fewer Fixed Penalty Notices.

Durable & Highly Resistant Composite Frame

Features 8 Antiluce Droplock Sign Plate Toggles

Compatible with 300mm Spaced Quick-Fit Sign Faces

Lightweight Frame Helps Lower Scope 3 Emissions

Leg Brace Locks Frame Open & Prevents Collapse

Reduce Theft with Optional Branding & Company Colours

EnduraFrame Specs

38mm Closed
50 per Pallet
8 Antiluce Drop Locks
Black / RAL Codes (MOQ’s apply)
Compliance Info
Safety at Street Works and Road Works (Red Book)
Chapter 8 – Traffic Signs Manual
Conforms to BS8442
Wind Resistance / Ballasts
Category C
Recommended Ballast: 18kg
Category B
Recommended Ballast: 18kg
Category A
Recommended Ballast: 72kg

“They have been well received by our operatives as they are lightweight and easy to handle, with more than one commenting that they haven’t trapped their fingers in these frames... Despite their weight, they have proven to be robust and durable and I wouldn’t hesitate in adding more.”

Richard SoanesHerts Traffic Management

Downloads Sheets & Guides

For more details on this product, take a look at the PDF sheets, guides & pages below. Please note the PDF’s are reduced in size for the Web, larger high-quality versions are available.

Product Flyer
Product Sheet (external)
Technical Guide (external)
Oxford Plastics (external)

Try A More Sustainable Streetwork Solution for 300mm Quick-Fit Signs

Switch to a modern mini quick-fit sign frame and lower your works initial deployment weight. Not to mention cutting back your environmental impact, thanks to products that last longer and are recyclable. Get in touch now & start turning eco-friendly.




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