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Durable Enviroplate is 100% Recyclable

Reduce your street-work costs by switching to Enviroplate, a greener more durable temporary sign substrate.

Lower your Streetworks Costs & Environmental Impact with Enviroplate.

Working with our partners we’ve developed Enviroplate, a greener substrate for Temporary & Quick-Lock signs And the results are so good, we think it makes GRP Poly obsolete. Not only is it more durable and less likely to break or bend out of shape than other substrates. Which means it lasts longer and is able to withstand deployment & on-site conditions. But it’s also made from 100% recycled materials, so it lowers both your costs and environmental impact at the same time – Flyer.

Strong & Flexible

Its clear to see below that Enviroplate outperforms both GRP Poly & Composite for strength and flexibility. Which means your temporary road signs will last longer, before they need replacing.

Enviroplate Flexes

GRP Poly Breaks

Composite Bends

Dense & Resistant

As a result of its dense structure, Enviroplate is highly resistant to the elements & will not breakdown and crumble. This also means it produces clean edges when cut, drilled or engraved. So you wont need to use eyelets on your Quick-Fit points.

Enviroplate Edges

GRP Swells & Splits

Composite Frays

“...In conjunction with Tennants UK, the sole supplier of Enviroplate, HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd has adopted this reground and sustainable sign plate that is not only a more durable composite and polyplate, but is also safer with a smoother edge and non-glass fibre finish...”

HW Martin Ltd

Switch to Enviroplate For a More Viable Substrate Solution

Try a more sustainable temporary sign substrate that provides a greater return on cost. Enviroplate signs flex without breaking and generally last longer than the alternatives. But its most important value, is that it’s fully recyclable.




For pricing or further information on this substrate, contact your account manager or just drop us a line. Contact us on 0115 9738088 or email Otherwise fill in the quick contact form above with your enquiry details.

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