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Quick-Lock Cone Reflectors

Quick-Lock Cone Reflectors offer a more sustainable answer to warning lamps & 6v battery shortages.

Cone Reflectors Stop Your Streetworks Going Dark from Supply Shortages

Developed with our partners and TMCA members, Quick-Lock Cone Reflectors are an alternative to powered warning lamps. Especially while their use declines because of battery & lamp shortages. By using Cone Reflectors in non-critical areas, you’ll free up lamps for vital locations. Which will improve your works sustainability levels, since less batteries are used or need replacing. Plus our reflectors are a compact, lighter & recyclable alternative that’s so easy to deploy – Fitting Guide.

A Safe, Compact & Recyclable Alternative

Highways Accepted

As you know, warning lamps have long been used to identify overnight road works. However section 04.7.1 of Chapter 8 allows them be dropped in certain situations. Although this is a special dispensation, delineation must be maintained even during shortages. Reflectors allow you do just that.

Our Quick-Lock Cone Reflectors are based on rules for Temporary Vehicle Restraint Systems or central reservation barriers. And are designed in accordance with Diagram 560 of TSRGD 2016. Thus their use on traffic cones is consistent with this existing legislation. Especially if it increases delineation and improves worksite safety. Our main contact on compliance matters is a Technical Officer of the TMCA.

Vehicle Impact Testing

During collision testing, results showed our reflectors presented little hazard when compared to lamps. Not only do they travel less distance on impact, but they also flatten when driven over. This reduces the danger they present to other vehicles as projectiles and obstacles to those following. Which lowers the need for live-lane retrieval by the on-site workforce.

Vehicle tests included running into and over reflectors on 1m traffic cones. For comparison, we used standard battery powered warning lamps. Our test vehicle was run at 60mph and all tests were run 5 times. Some footage of the test can be seen on the clip below and was captured by drone.

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CONE REFLECTORS: Vehicle Testing

Choose a More Sustainable Way to Maintain Your Site Delineation

Lower your carbon footprint and provide total works delineation with Cone Reflectors. As a result you’ll improve your company’s overall sustainability. While cutting your site deployment costs and ongoing maintenance needs.




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