Connect CLS621 to PC

Connect CLS621 to PC

This article shows how to Connect CLS621 to PC or a laptop and turn it on. The CL-S621 printer is a main part of our Core Number Plate Systems and used by our Sheet, Dual and XL systems.

When using this guide, ensure the power is turned off on both your printer and computer. Before you start, ensure your work area meets our recommended CLS621 Operational Conditions for printing number plates. Otherwise you will encounter print and quality issues. And extra steps are required when connecting to your network for the first time or via LAN.

Connect Mains Power

Connect CLS621 Power Lead

The power cable connects to the rear of the printer

Start by checking the mains power is off, then connect the power cable to the rear of the printer. And then put the plug into a socket, but don’t turn it on yet. Now the powers done, it’s time to connect the printer to your PC. This article covers USB connectivity, contact tech-support for instructions on connecting to your network. However you connect, you will find the interface ports on the rear of the printer.

Connect CLS621 to PC using USB

Connect CLS621 to PC via USB

Insert the printer USB cable into the bottom port

To connect the CLS621 to PC. insert the USB Cable into the bottom right port as shown on the image above. The cable we provide has two ends, but only the square one will fit into the back of the printer. Then insert the other end of the cable into a spare USB port on your computer. Now you are connect together it’s time to power on.

We recommend using USB to connect your CLS621 to a PC for simplicity. Since your computer will automatically detect it and load the drivers we provide. As a result, we setup all our number plate printing systems this way by default.

Power Up

Turn Your Computer On

Turn on your computer after the printer

Once you’re happy the cables are securely connected, start by turning on the mains power first. Then toggle the printers power switch and finish by turning the PC on. This way, by the time your computer reaches the Windows desktop the printer will be ready to use. Now you can start to load up your reflective sheets or rolls.

Need Help?

This is a quick article on how to Connect CLS621 to PC, refer to your user guide for more details. Or for further assistance, contact our tech support & customer service team for help. For ribbons, supplies or plate media for your printer, try our online NP-Shop – trade account required.

Note: Connecting to a network will require a on-site visit. Contact our technical-support team to discuss your needs and arrange access.