Connect CLS621 to PC

Connect CLS621 to PC

This article shows how to Connect CLS621 to PC or a laptop and turn it on. The CL-S621 printer is a main part of our Prime Series, one of our core number plate printing solutions.

Simply follow this guide and ensure the power is turned off on both your printer and computer. Before powering on, ensure your work area meets our recommended operational conditions for printing number plates. And an extra setup is required when connecting to your network for the first time or via LAN.

Connect Mains Power

Connect CLS621 Power Lead to the printer

The power cable connect to the rear of the printer

Check the mains power switch is turned off and the connect the power cord to the rear of the printer, then put the plug into a mains socket. Next connect the printer to your PC, the interface port for USB cables can be found on the rear right side opposite the power port.

Connect CLS621 to PC

Connect CLS621 to PC via a USB cable

Insert the printer USB cable into the bottom port

We recommend using USB to connect your CLS621 to a PC. As a result, we set up our number plate systems this way by default. Just insert your USB cable into the bottom right port as shown. The cable has two ends, but only one will fit into the back of the printer. The other end of the cable, will need inserting into a spare USB port on your computer.

Power Up

Use the power button and turn your computer on

Turn on your computer after the printer

Once you’re happy the cables are all securely connected, turn on the mains power first. Now toggle the printers power switch and then turn the PC on. By the time your computer reaches the Windows desktop the printer should be ready and you can start to load up your plate components.