Load CLS621 Sheets

Load CLS621 Sheets

This knowledge base article shows you how to correctly Load CLS621 Sheets when printing number plates. We even show the positioning you should use for sheets with printed bottom lines and side badges.

Always stack your sheets together, so all the edges align. And butt them right up against the printer and on the left side of the media tray. Sheets are always oriented with the shortest sides nearest the machine, with the longer lengths leading away.

Video Guide – Loading Sheets

Loading the Media Tray

How to load cls621 sheets

Load sheets onto the tray, bow and tuck them against the rear lip

Load your sheets reflective face up onto the media tray. Once your sheets are on the media tray, ensure you bow and tuck the furthest edge flush against the small raised lip, this will help push them into the machine for printing.

Using Pre-Printed Reflective

To help you make Colour Number Plates, we offer a range of services which include media pre-printed with company logos and side badges. When using these components you want to make sure they’re positioned correctly for best results and to avoid costly waste.

Components with a pre-printed badge or flag should be placed so the badge is the furthest end from the printer. You should also do this for components printed with the EV green flash. And media with a supplier bottom line, is oriented to the left as you face the printer. Ensure the side you intend to print on is facing up and don’t forget to tuck it against the lip.

Printer Maintenance

We recommend you clean your printer regularly, while changing the ribbon or media roll for example. To clean your print head we suggest using a cleaning pen and alcohol wipes for the other surfaces. And only take out and load up the printer with media when actually doing a production run. For the best results always dust your components before use, and store it in a warm & dry location.

Video Guide – Media Guides

Whenever you start a fresh production run, ensure the media guides are aligned correctly. Unless you’re using lipped components, where the guide is removed to accommodate their extra width. If you are printing using reflective rolls we have an article on how to load rolls correctly too.

Need Help or Plate Media?

If you need further assistance with your number plates contact our customer service team for help. You can buy components, including dry reflective or white & yellow rolls, from our Online number plate shop. They’re perfect and guaranteed to work with your CLS621 number plate printer. A trade and shop account is required for online purchases.