CLS700 Printer Errors

This knowledge base article shows common CLS700 printer errors encountered when using it to make number plates. These are simple machines, so any problem can easily be found and fixed. The picture below shows the control panel where it indicates most problems and errors.

CLS700 Control Panel located at the front

CLS700 Printer Errors

When the CLS700 printer detects a problem it sounds an alarm and flashes the Error LED. The LCD also displays a message to identify the problem. The table below identifies a range of common problems you may encounter.

Error LEDLCD DisplayDescription
OFFPauseStop or Pause button pressed, press again to clear.
FlashingAlarm - head hotHead temperature - high temperature detected.
FlashingError - head coldHead temperature - low temperature detected.
FlashingAlarm - PF Motor hotMotor malfunction or inadequate ventilation.
FlashingError - paper endEnd of roll detected, fit new roll.
FlashingError - paper jamMedia jam, check for stuck reflective.
FlashingAlarm - head checkCheck printer and media alignment settings.
FlashingError - ribbon endRibbon end detected, replace ribbon.
FlashingError - cover openTop cover open, close to continue.

Troubleshooting Errors & Alarms

Once you know what problem you have, you can then start to put it right. The troubleshooting information below, shows how to fix common problems found when using these printers.

Abnormal Head Temperatures

Overheating issues can usually be solved by providing adequate ventilation and spacing around the printer, see the operating conditions guide. If you are getting abnormal print head temperatures first ensure the print head is clean. Then check the temperature settings in the printer preferences are set to the correct values as shown in the image below.

CLS700 Options

Head Open

Head open alarms can occur when the print unit has not been locked down correctly, this can stop printing operation. Open the top cover and push down the print unit until it clicks and locks into place. If it fails to close correctly check for any jammed media. Replace the printers top cover when finished.

Ribbon Errors

Remove CLS700 Ribbon wrinkles

Replace a ribbon when fitting a new roll or when the end of the ribbon is detected by the printer. Other ribbon issues occur when they have not been installed correctly or are twisted and wrinkled. Always ensure the winding cores are fully inserted and configured as outside wound or ink out. A loose or wrinkled ribbon will require the cores tightening to remove creases and any slack. Check the media alignment controls, please refer to your user manual for your values.

Media Errors

The simplest media problem is when the printer detects it’s empty, simply re-stock the machine with fresh components to solve this. Media jams occur when reflective panels stick to a dirty print head or aren’t feeding through the mechanism properly. Clear media jams on the printer by pulling them clear, then clean the print head and media path.

Clean CLS700 Print head using the pen

When loading a new roll, use the feed button on the control panel to move to the start of a panel. Always ensure the roll is fitted flush against the holder. Position the media guides so they sit just either side of the reflective panel. They help it to feed straight through the print unit.

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