C532 Control Panel

C532 Control Panel

This knowledge base article shows the C532 Control Panel and highlights its layout, functions and all its button positions. It can be found at the front of the top cover, as shown on this overview article of the printer. For further information on any individual features or actual operational instructions, consult your user guide or the manufacturers website.

Control Panel Layout

OKI C532 control panel

This is the C532 printers control panel

  • 1: Display Screen – Shows status and menu options
  • 2: Online – Toggles online or offline status
  • 3: Cancel – Stops current job or quits a menu
  • 4: Enter – Set or selects a menu item
  • 5: Option Controls – Cycle up and down options
  • 6: Back – Returns to previous screen/menu option
  • 7: Help – Toggles printer help guides
  • 8: Power Button – Turns printer on/off, lights green when saving energy or flashes when sleeping
  • 9: Keyboard – Keypad with numbers or alphabet characters
  • 10: Clear – Clears entered value
  • 11: Ready Indicator – LED lights up green to indicate status
  • 12: Attention Indicator – LED lights orange to indicate an issue

Printer Errors

When a problem is detected the attention LED on the control panel will light up to attract the user to the issue. When its a major error it will blink continuously. The display screen will also indicate what type of error it is, and provide a help guide. For information on troubleshooting common errors, check out our C532 Printer Errors article.

Need Help

For more detailed instructions, try your printers user guide. If you’ve an account, you can order replacement C532 Consumables from our online NP-Shop.